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Features massage probe

Probe logopaedic massage

With this kind of massage is the impact on the muscles of the face and tongue, corrected the wrong pronunciation of sounds.Regular carrying normal speech and pronunciation.Technology provides exposure to mechanical object - probe.His area of ​​influence: tongue, lips, cheeks, palate.A probe logopedists act directly on the areas requiring stimulation.The basic movements are grinding, slip and move aside.

So, before you start to probe massage sessions, you must be examined by the muscles throughout the articulation system.After this is determined by the rate and intensity of treatment, but as a rule, the average rate is 15 sessions and is repeated at intervals and a half months.However, there are children for whom is only one course, everything depends on the individual and the severity of the violations.

Sometimes, if the violations of the unit seriously, during a massage may occur pain.If they occur, the infusion brew for a child of 1 ch. L.tea leaves and 2 h. L.nettle and l

et hold of the procedure in the mouth without swallowing.

Technique of massage probe

Pleasures procedures

must warn you right away that the procedure for the probe of massage is not pleasant for the child, but it can relieve the main thing to explain to the kid, as far as necessary and serious.After all, the mere relaxation of muscles, which can be achieved only if the child calmly and deliberately goes to the procedure will help make it less unpleasant.Of course, do not apply to amateurs, get a good specialist with a lot of positive feedback and recommendations.On this will depend on the child's feelings during a massage and result.

To achieve the desired effect, massage technique probe involves performing procedures strictly according to the scheme described using only original probes.The probes, as well as the technique itself was designed by a famous speech therapist EV Novikova, and each of the 8 probes designed to massage a certain area and a certain power of influence.Therefore it is very important not to use counterfeits.

If your child has increased gag reflex, then this can be considered a contraindication to primeneniyu.Esli you want to do the procedure yourself at home, ask the professional to show you all the technology a few times, it is better to fix the camera session.

Probe massage Novikova, characteristics and indications for.

So to summarize the above.If you have appointed a probe massage, then there is nothing wrong and dangerous.On the contrary, it is a very useful procedure, through which you can correct speech disorders, which usually occur due to difficulties in building the skills of analysis of words, limited vocabulary and difficulty in formulating thoughts competent.Logopedic probe massage provides an excellent opportunity to put the correct pronunciation of sounds, speech to normalize breathing and muscle tone, improve the psychological and emotional state of the child.

Good luck to you in this way is not simple!