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Lunar calendar of hairstyles for December 2014

most bad days clippers

December 1 - night light begins to increase and is in Aries.This time is not very suitable for cutting hair, because they will be very disobedient, even in the hands of a good master.But on this day can safely paint the hair, in particular, paint on a natural basis - henna or basma.

If you decide to go to the hairdresser December 7, keep in mind the fact that the lunar calendar this day it is not necessary to cut hair or make them Others Interior manipulation, otherwise they will lose their shine and healthy look.

8 - 9 numbers - waning Moon in Cancer promises too slow growing hair, so short hair is better to move to a different date, and it is not necessary to change the color of hair, because in this period the hair is too sensitive.

Hair coloring of the lunar calendar in December 2014 auspicious days

From 15 to 16 December The moon continues to decrease, but in Libra.According to the lunar calendar for December haircuts these days is better to refrain from visiting the beauty salon.

December 22 comes the new moon in Capricorn and this

adversely affects the human body in general.Therefore, if possible, a visit to the salon is recommended to move.

With 23 of the moon begins to rise in Capricorn, are still not contributing to the manipulation of hair.

24 - 25 January should abandon painting or cutting hair, or your health may deteriorate.

most successful days for cutting

December 2 - the day can not be held intense energy load - so the visit to the hairdresser can not procrastinate.

3 - 4 of the waxing Moon is in Taurus, so you will have good luck in all your endeavors.So one can plan or shortening curls stain on this day.

When cutting hair in December 2014 to the lunar calendar?

December 5 Moon enters Gemini, and 6 the full moon in this sign.The days are not deemed suitable for shortening the length or selecting a new hairstyle.

the period 10 - 11 December, you can ad lib to experiment with your hairstyle and shade.

12 - December 14 - waning Moon in Virgo promises a very auspicious days for a visit to the barber: hair volume gain, will look much more healthy and well-groomed.Color color restrictions also do not have - you're free to choose to your taste and surprise everyone a new image.

If you decide to change the hairstyle of 17 - waning Moon in Scorpio heralds a completely neutral day, but on December 18 to get a haircut or coloring hair is not worth it, especially when you consider the fact that 19 you can in anything not to limit yourself in terms of color, model-making and pilings.

Calendar haircuts on December 2014 - auspicious days

December 20, 2014 a very good day to experiment with the length and shape of the haircut, but 21 - Do not touch the hair.

December 26 the Moon enters the sign of Pisces - it is desirable to have time to be cut that day, because it gives you positive energy, which is not true of the period from 27 to 29 December, when the waxing Moon in Aries is not recommended to go to the hairdresser.

30 - 31 December is recommended to visit his master, because these days are among the most suitable for stable stacking, beautiful cuts and new bright colors of your hair.

Some skeptics believe this approach to haircuts rather doubtful, but the experience of women who want to grow hair, proves the opposite.Of course, whether or not to follow the lunar calendar - it is each person, but, in any case, by the observance of these simple rules worse than you and your curls will be.

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