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Those born in a leap year

Let's try cherpnut deeper and further and nemnogoluchshe deal with each party.Let us try to better understand each and vozmozhnosamih itself.Behold the root of the problem and can prove that once and for all setim understood.

side of the first - depressing

be born in a leap year - you will be unhappy, poluchishuveche or die young.It remains only to be born on February 29 imozhno say that it would be better do not do this!Where did we prishlotakoe negative attitude towards, perhaps, it is a normal year?Who are the bad navevaetnam knowledge?Where are the roots originate issue of interest to us?

Even when Julius Caesar leap year fell into lyudskuyunemilost, which at times was supported by the myths, the fables, tovydumkami, and that even the facts.Many know or just heard about religioznoepovestvovanie St. Kasian.His name is also associated with the leap year, prichemne in the most glowing colors.In the nationwide representation of the Holy Kassian cunning, selfish and stingy.Once he had betraye

d God told Satan that it together quite soon expel the demonic power of the heavens.Later, however, repented, and asked God for forgiveness, for which he was not very heavy, and put a nakazanie.Bog him an angel and the three consecutive years, beat him on the head with a hammer, Ana fourth gave rest.

Though St. Kassian and was forgiven, he is still bound garden and they have not forgotten the offense.The day of his memory celebrated only once a chetyregoda, believing that he is a malignancy and for the whole year, and children born VTAK time, carry a part of his doghouse.

Then, over time, to the notoriety joined velikoemnozhestvo will, by threatening and scary to the incredibly stupid and smeshnyh.Estestvenno, this entailed all the consequences.

known many cases where newly minted mamochkiumolyali written in the count date of birth is not on February 29 and on February 28 or March 1.

believe all this or not, is a personal matter ineprikosnovennoe, but even the most ardent supporters of the fact that this is fiction, inogdatozhe reinsured.

side of the second -optimisticheskaya

Those who joined to the second part, too, rely nadrevnie storytelling, legends and stories.And as the easiest to understand slyubitsya problems and issues first understand the source of origin, toms do the same.

Some ancient sources leap year and people born in this year are considered sacred.Simply put, napolnennymimisticheskim and magical meaning.Year considered elusive, pop, nekimpodobiem window into another world.And people, respectively, born vvisokosny year, also endowed with magic and higher purpose.It is believed chtopoyavlenie such a person in your environment brings happiness and good tidings and samchelovek maybe even without knowing it present you with potustoronnegomira signs, and if you can see them, just win.

In ancient times such people treated with great uvazheniemi honors.They were forced to live reclusive, helping all patients, healing and "purifying" from the evil and demonic.

If you were born in a leap year, your life will polnaradosti and love, you will be more successful and wealthy.Happy roditelimalyshey who were born in this year will be provided in old age, so how a kid will grow prosperous and successful.

Third Party - conservative zaklyuchitelnayai

main argument is the assertion of a third party is a man of himself creates his own destiny, and if something happens, at first glance, the mystical and inexplicable, should not be exaggerated, it is worth only luchsherassmotretand understand that we are, in one way or another, their actions and slovamipriveli ourselves to this life stage.

leap year or not, advance to stigmatize innocent baby do not need.Do not build it to the rank of magicians or prophets, or even worse, shy away from him like the plague.

refers to the "leap" to people as well as to all vednekotorye are not even aware that they were born in a year or just nezadumyvalis about this.Whatever people were not prejudices and horosheevospitanie, love and attention do much more than planning long datyrozhdeniya baby.In Norway, for example, have a family, children whose rodilis29 February, all three of them!And over the years.One can only imagine kakihnerealnyh family had to make effort to achieve this.And one uchenyyrazrabotal whole system for those born on February 29, which is vsisteme birthday depending on the hour of the birth!

On the one hand, it looks funny and cute, on the other hand would be better if those efforts went nakuda more normal routine.

So summarize.I hope everyone a little more razobralisv this issue.To better understand themselves, and came to the unanimous conclusion that we -rozhdennye in common or in a leap year, but by applying diligence istaraniya, will be happy, healthy and successful.A mass will, prejudice ivechnyh dispute should not affect us and change our attitude towards others.

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