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What you need to do to birth went well?

What is needed for lung delivery

Step 1. Information

aphorism "Who owns the information - owns the world, concerns and future moms.According to specialists, knowledgeable woman is psychologically ready for childbirth.She is much easier to bear.It is necessary to consult a competent doctor to examine the special literature.Help prepare for one of the most important moments in the life of training courses for childbirth and maternity school.In these lessons you can learn about what changes happen to a woman during pregnancy and after childbirth;how the process of birth, which can be difficult, what is that, what to do in such cases.Also, psychologists talk about the most important moments of the flow delivery and newborn care skills.

Step 2. Physical training

Along with "hardening of the soul" professionals recommend to train the body.It is important to pass the lessons on gymnastics for pregnant women.Dame in an interesting position taught breathing exercises, relaxation techniques during la


Step C Selecting the clinic

very important in what circumstances a woman gives birth.Even today, many European-level hospital, equipped with special tubs.In the first stage of labor a woman in labor (during active dilation of the cervix and promote the baby through the birth canal) can immerse yourself in a bath - warm water calms pain.Either use a special ball - if it considers that so it will be easier to bear.Future mother during labor can support a loved one.

Step 4. Caring Hands

But the main thing - next highly qualified, fully control the process of childbirth.Obstetrician-gynecologist monitors labor and helps the woman to concentrate anesthesiologist spends anesthesia, neonatal and transmitted to the reliable hands of the first pediatrician - neonatologist.If a child is born prematurely, the parents need to be sure that your child will have expert help: placed in a special incubator in the pediatric intensive care unit.Often born today crumbs that require ventilation.Of course, such devices have not all hospitals.Qualified professionals, progressive methods, responsibility and comfort - has everything to every woman in labor was fun.This is an opportunity to make an informed decision: to consult with an anesthesiologist, obstetrician-gynecologist and ask questions of other doctors.Every third Saturday of the month dedicated to the waiting period of the baby.The baby was born healthy.

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