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luminaries corresponds to the god Apollo, who was depicted as a sphere pylayuscheykrylatoy burning eye of God, the fiery chariot.With the bow and the lyre in his hands, he is a messenger of light and truth.Sveti Tsar is one of the main astrological elements.In Egypt - Etore.For the ancient ruler of the zodiac is the highest reason.In India, the cult of the Sun svyazans Vedas, there shone represents Spirit Self.

Despite the fact that the Greek sun god Helios is considered, it nevhodit among the 12 greatest Olympian residents.Rules chariot, he crossed daily nebos East to West.Helios Apollo replaced.He was the god of sunlight, not samogoSolntsa.Apollo is also considered pokrovitelemgadany, healers, prophecies and predictions, the god of singing and music, kotorogosoprovozhdayut muse.In astrology, the Sun represents the inner "I".


The world is ruled by moon night or Artemis.This light is the epitome zhenskogonachala, matriarchs.Its influence is noticeable, because the moon phases a

nd produce monthly ezhednevnyepulsatsii growth in animals and plants.Humanity prinositmechty her magic wand, love and madness.

In Babylon, it represents the cult of the male god Sin.In the Greco-rimskoymifologii 3 phases of the Moon are personified by three deities.Full Moon - etoSelena, it embodies the supreme principle as the sun.The ancients believed that at this time of night light floods dushamiumershih.In India, it is associated with enlightenment, insight, wisdom.Dark Lunusimvolizirovala Hecate.It is feared and revered her as a gift brought cakes, baked in a crescent.

New Moon personified with Artemis.It protects children, marriage, waters, vegetation.The goddess of chastity, it is considered the patron of the "golden mean", which embodies the modification of the passions into virtues.


Mercury was considered a messenger of the gods.He directs intellektualnyesposobnosti.People who patronize this planet inherent analiticheskiyum, mobility, ability to adapt.Hermes represents youth and posrednichestvo.Merkury - messenger of the gods.Thanks to him, was invented the alphabet he invented musical notation and astronomy.Vastrologii he patronizes twins, giving them the agility of mind and hands hudozhestvennyminaklonnostyami, a taste for the game.Mercury - the planet of the concrete mind, poetomuneredko opposes the opening of the invisible.In Egypt, associated with Mercury cult of Thoth, the god of wisdom, India AB - Buddha.


This planet symbolizes beauty.This is the prototype of femininity, goddess of love and nature, desire and instinct, everything that is harmonious and prekrasno.Odin type of love is associated with Pandemos, Venus is Earth, kotorayanadelyaet Taurus love for beauty and art, attraction, lust for possession;they are characterized by love kdetyam, flowers, animals, music, etc.Another type of love is associated with Venus Heaven, patroness of Libra.

Egypt was Hathor goddess of love, it was considered a great kosmicheskoykorovoy who wore a star on their skin and was situated between the horns of the sun.


Mars - a stunning warrior, a symbol of actions, weapons, courage.He patronizes discipline, the fight for a just cause.

Mars often associated solely with the war in ancient Greece it was named Ares.In mifologiiu two sons of Mars, Phobos (terror) and Deimos (fear), so these names got isputniki planet.

Mars is a symbol of aggression that forces us to step over themselves, as well as a symbol of courage.But all this mozhetobernutsya and vice: boldness, anger or arrogance ...


Egyptians attributed this magnificent planet with Amun, and the Greeks sZevsom.Jupiter goes his way in twelve years, and in mythology onvozglavlyaet twelve gods of Olympus.It was believed that Jupiter helps narodamstat great, inspires people to thirst for domination and wealth.At its best proyavleniiYupiter symbolizes candor and generosity, in the worst - dispersal and negligence.

Saturn Saturn (Chronos) - God of Time.As a rule, he is depicted as an old man, embodying the rigor, seriousness and weight.His role - to check lyudeyispytaniyami.Some see it as a dark god, others - as a great teacher, which makes difficult to pass, but the school fair.

Saturn is the son of Uranus and Gaea, Heaven and Earth.According mifampravlenie Saturn ended when his son Jupiter (Zeus) overthrew him sprestola.Saturn is known as the most "damaging" sign, however cherezispytaniya he awakens in man something essential and deep, so that within each of us there is a transformation (change).


Uranus is the personification of the sky and space.This is one of the first rimskihbogov.It was associated with the god of light, the primordial creative principle, kotoryyrozhdaetsya in darkness.If you look at it from a psychological point of view, the existence of the universe Uranvyrazhaet impulse energy in the subconscious.


Greece Neptune called Poseidon, he was the god of the sea.Mythology says that the world of Neptune unconscious reveals its secrets only to those cheyrazum nezamutnen nothing but trouble awaits him who dares to throw at svyaschennyetayny his curious gaze enviously or weighed down, the one who prelstitsyamirazhami that cause waves of Poseidon.The man is a mirror sobstvennyhzhelany fall victim monsters that inhabit the primordial abyss.Neptune holding a trident kotoryyvoploschaet three worlds: the Soul, Body, Spirit.


In Greece this planetoyassotsiirovali god of the underworld Hades and the dead.Pluto has a magic helmet, thanks to which he mozhetstanovitsya invisible and lead the invisible world.His wife, the daughter of Demeter, zakrytav his captivity in winter and autumn, but in spring and summer it is released on Earth.Onaassotsiiruetsya with the awakening of all life.This planet is poorly understood, the people it protects, planetadarit secrecy and mystery.

In conclusion, we can recall the words of Socrates: "Know thyself, and typoznaesh gods and the universe!»

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