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Management of vertical childbirth


All this can be avoided during the vertical sorts: if a woman sits or stands on all fours, the uterus is less pressure on the large blood vessels, utero-placental circulation is improved, and the child receives enough oxygen.So, either during fights, either at the time of the passage of the head through the birth canal in the 2nd stage of labor does not threaten the child hypoxia - oxygen starvation.The first stage of labor is faster.Because during vertical delivery woman can move, and not just lying on the bed, fetal bladder and the baby's head and evenly intensive press on the lower part of the uterus and its neck.As a result, cervix opens more smoothly and efficiently, and the 1st stage of labor is faster.The gain in 2-3 hours is beneficial not only to patients, reducing the painful stage of labor, but also the child, because during each contraction for some time to it no longer flow oxygen.Reduces the risk of birth trauma.If the duration of the 1st period of the vertical birth is redu

ced by 2-3 hours, 2nd stage, on the contrary, it increases slightly (approximately 20-30 minutes).This does not mean that the birth of a baby in a non-traditional position causes more pain expectant mother.Observations show that women are standing or sitting child is moving down, not only slower, but more slowly.This means that the risk of a birth trauma is reduced to zero.Plus, in the 2nd stage of labor abdominal muscles, back, pelvic floor and all of the skeletal muscles of the future mother work in an organized and clear, but also, as mentioned above, a woman helps force of gravity.And the patient puts less effort to the baby was born, the pelvic floor muscles relax, the child moves more easily through the birth canal, and consumes less energy.Expectant mother loses less blood (at the time of the birth of the placenta comes out to 300 ml).In the event that a young mother sitting (it is in a sitting position is held the 3rd period of the vertical delivery), the placenta separates faster and blood loss is reduced to 100-150 ml.As soon as the baby is born and the umbilical cord stops pulsating yet, put it on my mother's belly, so that he himself crawled to the nipple, seized him and got milk.


Under the weight of your body is moving faster than the baby through the birth canal.The back and legs get tired quickly, it is necessary to warm up or lie on your side.To assist the doctor and the midwife will require special skills.During labor and attempts woman squats.The uterus and the baby are well supplied with oxygen.Mom-straining, helping himself to the muscles of the back and shoulder area.

on all fours

In this position, breathe easier, loin less tired.Based directly on the hands and feet, the expectant mother is easier to control attempts, she sees the results of his work, because the baby is born before her eyes.In this position, it is easier to bear large children.Doctors and midwives will be harder to help the woman.At this point, need a special bed and a table, they may not be in your chosen hospital.A woman is standing on all fours, leaning on his hands and knees bent.This position is considered the most physiologic: the interaction of gravity and the baby fights make it more effective promotion.In between contractions, and vain attempts the center of gravity can be moved with the palms on his hands.

On the back

during labor and attempts legs can be put on the stand and hugged her, bent at the knees, and his hands - hold on to the handrails of the table, as if pulling the reins.A large baby can squeeze the abdominal vessels, which is why blood circulation, decreases the circulation of oxygen, the woman gets tired more quickly.Then between contractions and vain attempts of the doctors placed her on her side.The woman lies on her back, legs apart and bent their knees.Hands she holds the handrails maternity table.This provision is adopted in all hospitals.It is convenient for mothers and staff.


If a woman has a problem with the spine (such as scoliosis or trauma tailbone), it is better to choose another location.Lower leg woman bent at the knee and the upper in most cases is limited to a special maternity bar table.His weight compresses the baby is not large abdominal vessels (what happens if the mother is long only on the back).

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