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Restoration of the woman's body after giving birth

All this is nice.However, it would be good even the Pope's get comfortable life to my mother it was easy to keep clean the house, feed the baby without getting tired, and walking, without worrying about the heavy wheelchair.We provide products and for the first time, even his wife and fed with a spoon, and baby diaper changing and swaddle could.In general, if they are in such employment will not have time to buy flowers, we forgive them.Restoration of the woman's body after giving birth - subject of the article.

wisdom of the ages

In the tradition of all the peoples of the health of women after childbirth has been taken care of, even more than during pregnancy.Previously, the main actors responsible for the observance of the rules in the tradition of post-natal care, and midwives were older women.And believe me, everyone who visited women in childbirth in this period did not come to her just drink tea.Woman has always been in the area of ​​attention, it provides a special procedure involved her hea

lth and emotional state.Mom at that time were not allowed to wash, clean and cook.Draw conclusions, distinguished members of the household!Flowers to buy or take a vacation for two weeks?In former times there was a tradition woman in childbirth edit - a midwife, and therefore grandmother called midwives.The midwife was one to several villages and often do not have time to give birth."Perebabit" is (to take delivery without complications) should be able to every woman. But after ...

6 weeks of major

Sacrament postpartum recovery, and gave the name of the grandmother: a midwife to the mother and baby - so the midwife. She steamed womenrules them joints, then are wrapped wet diaper, put her on the stove, got up in the morning a woman in labor to date. Here he writes in the book Zhuk "Mother and Child": "There is no state in the life of a healthy person, which changes the body items occurredI am as fast as in the postpartum period, except for the first hours of life of the newborn.Many diseases occur in women consequence of negligence and carelessness at this time. "This time is not measured in hours, it is measured in weeks. Six weeks of high-quality post-natal period - this is the spring, clung to which we are able to educate their children, without being distracted by sickness." Postpartumperiod - this time from the placenta and fetal membranes before returning to organs and systems in the state prior to pregnancy. The duration of post-partum period is about six weeks, "- says the classic textbook on obstetrics (Varney 1980).Although many famous midwives believe that as long as the child is in diapers and the mother gets to him at night, continuing postnatal period.According to surveys of British sociologists, 50% of young mothers lack of attention on the part of family members.It is considered the main cause of postpartum depression, which in our time almost is natural!But naturally the opposite - do not have depression.We trample all laws of nature!We do not consider it necessary to endure the pain in labor, we need to remove it.

We are too tired during pregnancy because it is fashionable does not notice that it's there.It is fashionable to be the last "in the saddle" and then say that labor has begun in-house. We jump up immediately after birth because they do not know that it is dangerous to health because our loved ones lost culture of care for women in childbirth. Alas,Another common problem in our society has given birth mother by definition bound to be happy and joyful. E. and N. Heiberg Biernstad wrote in his book "Childbirth - love and inspiration": "After birth, all attention is focused on the child and the mother must always rejoiceand recover on their own.Maternal feelings and maternal happiness must constantly flooded her as the greatest grace.Fortunately, the majority of women is exactly what happens, but depression and despair affect people much more than we think. "And in the tradition of our people related to post-natal period was very respectful. So, M. D.Toren, ethnographer andauthor of the book "Russian folk medicine and psychotherapy," writes: "The very first thing after birth is considered to Bath.To heat the bath is less than three times, even at times considered an expression of dislike for women in childbirth family.After bath also has the value for puerperal that it determines the time during which the female is "resting" after birth. Rarely, this period lasts until the end of the first week and at least - up to 10 or 14 days. ""Bath" could last a month and a half and everything. Assistants were engaged exclusively by women: warmed, cajoled, ruled belly kneaded joints etc. All were sure doing a great thing: to help my mother and the newborn.

Restoring a hundred!

So, the procedure helped her mother gather strength and feel the care is needed. For a long time thinking about this question, we have tried to restore the tradition of care giving birth.