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Nikita Presnyakov congratulated his girlfriend with graduation

Congratulations, PUSIC, with an outlet!Welcome to the world heap of problems, "- wrote Nikita under the photo, adding a comment smiles and a heart.

prom Alain came in length, sex, dress pale mint color.Nikita Presnyakov stayed true to his style, and appeared at a gala evening in a black T-shirt, jeans and vest.

Earlier photographs published on the page of the exhaust in Instagram and Alain.

Now girl begins adult life.Some time ago, she mentioned that after the school wants to go to MGIMO or go to study abroad.

Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov

Alena Krasnova eldest grandson Alla Pugacheva began dating last summer.Soon after the photos to social networks, it became clear that the pair rests in Bulgaria.Six months later, the media reported the latest news about the separation Presnyakov and his girlfriend, but in February, Allen posted a video of the karaoke club, where she sang and danced together with Nikita and his comrades.New joint photos began to appear in the blog of a young man

.Although the musician wrote to resume relations, fans couple made their conclusions and were happy for Nikita Alena.It is known that the singer had to introduce Krasnov with his famous relatives - her mother and grandmother.

In early summer Nikita Presnyakov came out with his young girlfriend out.Lovers together appeared at the Kremlin Palace on MUZ-TV, held June 7, 2015-year.Young people held hands and did not try to hide the relationship.

Previous novel Presnyakova with Aida Kalieva lasted about 5 years.In 2013, Nikita even managed to make the girl to offer, but before the wedding it never came.Young people live as one family, traveling together, and Aida repeatedly appeared in videos shot by Nikita.However, in March 2014 the couple broke up, and, according to the singer, it was a joint decision.

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