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Courtney tries to ban the screening of the film about Kurt Cobain

representatives Courtney said that the information contained in the subject of the documentary is a slander against their client:

This film is built on the theory debunked many times theory that Courtney Love was guilty of the death of her husband.This is slander, and our client has every reason to sue and seek a ban on screening of the film.

Producers "impregnated with bleach" (the film got its name in the line of one of the hits Cobain) have already reacted to the actions of Courtney Love.They believe that the attempt to ban the painting is an attempt to intimidate the film distributors:

We are concerned that Ms. Love's lawyers are sending threatening letters all over the country.Fortunately, a few distributors refused to show our tapes - most understand that the widow of Kurt Cobain is trying to limit freedom of speech.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain: fatal love?

Talk about Cobain's suicide was not a suicide, and murder involving a Courtney Love, actively supported by his fans throughout the tim

e that has elapsed since the fateful day of April 8, 1994, when the body of a musician with a bullet through his head was found in thehis home.Despite the fact that the official version of death pointed to suicide, in fact it had too many conflicting and suspicious facts:

  • Cobain found in the blood of about 250 mg of heroin.This figure exceeds the lethal dose of three times, which inevitably leads to instant death.It is unlikely that a person in such a state is able to do to take a gun and shoot yourself in the head.
  • at gun did not have any prints, including Kurt Cobain.
  • on the handle, which was written a suicide note, too, found no fingerprints.
  • The desire to escape from life refers only at the end of the suicide letter.In the first part of Cobain wrote about his fatigue and disappointment.Experts have found in the last line of the note around 20 differences between the handwritings.It is allowed to make the assumption that the ending has added another man.
  • Indications Courtney from the outset complicated.The woman tried to show a tendency to depression and suicide have her own husband.
  • Two years after Cobain's death in an American edition was published by the recognition of a man named Eldon Hoke, more known under the name of El Duce, that even in 1993, Courtney Love offered him 50 thousand dollars for the murder of her husband.After the man checked on a polygraph, it appeared that the veracity of his testimony is 99%.Soon Hawk died in an accident, which further strengthened the suspicion of involvement in the death of Cobain Courtney.

Trailer of the documentary "The impregnated bleach»:

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