What day of the parental 2015: commemoration of the dead

What date is Parents' Day in 2015?

This day falls on November 7, 2015.In Dmitrievskaya Saturday must be sure to visit the church.So you will have the opportunity to honor the memory of loved ones, you can visit the graves of which can not, for whatever reasons.

Invariably each year on this day in all the churches during worship services are held memorial services and read the prayers for the dead.Believers in Dmitrievskaya Saturday bring with them to the church to treat the poor, light candles for the souls of all the relatives.

name "Demetrius Saturday" emerged thanks to Dmitry Donskoy, who, after the bloodshed of Kulikovo appointed remembrance of fallen soldiers.Over time, with the warriors Christians began to remember all of their deceased ancestors, and today many of the faithful and did not know that initially Demetrius Saturday was scheduled a day of remembrance for those who died during the Battle of Kulikov.

Traditions parent day

With Demetrius Saturday due a large number of rituals, tr

aditions and take.In many settlements in the day in the cemeteries the graves of relatives specially arranged cheerful feast to demonstrate the souls of their ancestors, that they are valued and remembered.Not allowed in the day to cry for the dead, that they did not disappoint.

On the eve of the day, all of the parent members of the family had to wash in the bath at the entrance and be sure to leave a bucket of water and a new broom for the souls of their relatives.Directly in Dmitriev Saturday after going to the owners of the house church put on the table.Families who have had good income, have tried to during the meal on the table stood 12 dishes.Also be sure to take an empty plate, and put it in a spoonful of each dish.This dish should stand on the table throughout the next night to ancestors could also treat yourself.

During the feast, there was talk about those who are not with us.Allowed to remember the dead only something good, the bad saying it was strictly forbidden.Stories about the joyous episodes from the life of the relatives of people have demonstrated that they are proud that specifically belong to this genus.

As in many localities in Dmitrievskaya Saturday, priests conducted memorial services directly to the cemetery, the Christians were right there, not attending church.Today, quite often people ask the priests to read a prayer of remembrance is at the grave of one particular relative or near the graves of ancestors.

not forget and you honor the memory of their deceased relatives.Remember the power of Christian prayer and existing traditions.