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Sergei Bezrukov with new lover persecuted journalists

Sergei Bezrukov was credited with a new novel

Because of what a successful actor was angry with journalists at this time?The fact that the paparazzi caught Bezrukov with a new passion.Judging by the few shots of journalists, actor traded 50-year-old wife Irina at a young director 31-year-old Anna Mathison.

Recently Sergei connect with Anna is not only a close working relationship, as an active actor in the movie "Milky Way" under the leadership of a new friend, but also a good time outside the pavilion.At the joint pictures our colleagues are walking around the city, hand in hand, go to the house of Anna and bill and coo on the set.

Such attention to their own personal life, as evidenced by the latest news and angered actor who decided to threaten journalists is well spent by - by the court.In this story, there is one interesting point: no hint of any comments about the whole situation or denying non-working relationship with his director from the mouth of Sergei Bezrukov not sounded.

thing to divorce or advertising campaign is a new role?

It should be noted that the rumors about the separation of 40-year-old Sergei Bezrukov with his 50-year-old wife, Irina extended several times during their 15-year marriage.Loud story about the alleged resignation of Sergei to the actress Ekaterina Smirnova pair also denied continuing to stay together.And while nothing is not directly indicative of the decay of the family Bezrukov.

Irina too, does not go to the comments of recent pictures of her husband with Anna Mathison.Sergei, as if nothing had happened, in his microblog congratulates his wife with an honorary award for charity.

We recall not so long ago, Irina lost a son from his first marriage, so much for sure needs the support of her husband during this period zhizni.Mnogie fans thought the pictures testified affair between Anna and Sergei Bezrukov Mathison, a promotion of the new filmon which work actor with his director.Well, the interest in the "Milky Way" of such a risky PR certainly added!

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