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Stars and fans bid farewell to Jeanne Friske

eve Olga Orlova, who has spent the last 12 hours of life with her friends at a country house Frisco, announced the opening of parting, strongly asked journalists not to photograph the singer in his coffin, not to fall for this intolerable human face.

Before beginning his farewell requiem parents, sister and girlfriend Natalia Orlova Olga Jeanne were already close to the coffin of the late star, which was adorned with a huge bouquet of flowers and decorated in soft beige, favorite Jeannine, shades.Large-sized portrait of adorable smiling Zhanna Friske did not allow to fully appreciate what is happening.On the screen all the time demonstrated luminous lifetime of photos and videos can appease the singer.

Dmitry Shepelev at the beginning of the ceremony those present family has not been seen.Recall-law husband of Jeanne departed before his death of his wife in Bulgaria with his son Plato.Relatives confirmed that the 2-year-old son did not return to Russia to attend the funeral, and Dmitri had to fly

on the first flight.

Stars came to say goodbye to a colleague and a friend Jeanne Friske

say goodbye first with Jeanne Friske profit Dmitry Malikov, Anna Semenovich, Ksenia Novikova, Igor Nikolaev, Edgar Zapashny Diana Gurtskaya, Angelica, Sergei Lazarev, Maria Bochkareva group "PrimeMinister ".Filipp Kirkorov wrote in Instagram, would not be able to hold the singer in her final journey and I am sure in its understanding:

Today, the whole of Moscow, the whole country is bidding farewell to our beloved Jeanne ... Alas, our profession, and constant life on the road andthis time did not give me the opportunity and the chance to say goodbye to you, my dear, incomparable Jeanne, but I'm sure you, like no other, understand me and forgive you ..... Eternal Memory, Star ...

Julia Kovalchuk bid farewell to the concert on time girlfriend

former participant "brilliant" Julia Kovalchuk told fans in his microblog worthy of inheriting the latest news: the singer decided his evening concert on 18 June and the presentation of the new album "JK 2015 "dedicated to the memory of Jeanne Friske, so once again saying goodbye to colleague and friend on stage.All proceeds from the concert will be transferred to the money fund Constantine Knightley to help children with cancer.

June 18 in the morning in the church service will be held with the participation of only close, and Zhanna Friske will be buried at St. Nicholas Archangel Cemetery near his home outside Moscow.