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Victoria married Bonia

future triumph will certainly luxurious, but it will get only close friends and couples.No journalists and photographers, according to Victoria, the party will not:

modestly write out first, and then the sunset private party without the press and show.

During a recent interview with Viktoria Bonya reporter was informed that decide on such a crucial step it was not easy.She "made herself" because all her life she remembered the words spoken by his mother - "marriage is not to attack as if married not divide."However, most likely, "divide" the young woman will not succeed - first, five-year relationship was possible to somehow find her lover.Secondly, the state of her future husband Boney enough not to think about any material issues.

After the wedding will take place, the couple plan to have another child.Earlier, Victoria told me that Alex gave her an ultimatum: either second child, or business in Moscow.Bonia decided to obey law husband, and now finally moved from Moscow to Monaco to spend more

time with family.TV star admits that he dreams about his son:

course, you need the boy for a change.In fact, I want two more children, but can not be guessing how God sends.

Victoria Smurfit Bonia and Alex Love Story

history dating quite simple - at a party where Alex appeared in the company of another girl, Bonia, according to her, it is not interested in the young man.During the first appointment she angered the rich boyfriend that is constantly rewritten in the phone with her friends.

Victoria was aware that Alex runs for the glory of Lovelace, and therefore in no hurry to show him their interest.The tactic worked: young businessman started to ring a girl who was in no hurry to respond to him in return.In the end, Victoria Smurfit offered seriously dating.

Neither family nor friends Alex for a long time could not accept his choice, because he could opt for some aristocrat rather than contact with the girl, who over five years, and that is not the most crystalreputation.In spite of that the young man was able to defend their right to choose, and his family had no choice but to accept Victoria.

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