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Women Gemini: character traits

nature of female twins

highlight the main character trait is very difficult, as it is surprisingly unpredictable zodiac sign.Even if you're familiar with a woman, born under the sign of the twins for life, not the fact that you can clearly describe its true form.In some cases, she can not do this, as they prefer to keep changing their images.

around such a woman is always a lot of attention from many different people.It also attracted the attention of only original and unusual people.

Despite his giddiness, female twin is very interesting and knowledgeable.It is characterized by an inquisitive, sharp mind, despite some levity about life.Sometimes it is inherent in exaggerating the importance of petty problems, but she quickly switched to something else and forget about them.

The special character of a woman, born under the sign of the twins.

With regard to family life, despite its impermanence, it is a very caring mother and good wife.True man must be really special to get her attention.

How to please the woman twins?

her attention can only be a man who prefer

s an active lifestyle.The average desk representative of society can not even hope for her love.Female twins in need of constant motion, so it is looking for the satellite, which will share her passion for travel and adventure.

It is equally important that he was a good friend and very interesting to talk to, which constantly monitors the latest innovations, especially in the world of culture.Since she always tries to infect others with positive energy, a man must be the same.Quiet head of the family does not stand the pressure and eventually become completely uninteresting for her.

family life for her main constant motion, mainly the intellectual and cultural development.Because the perfect companion for a woman living twin is active, intelligent and gallant man who would be her trusted friend.Sex for the woman at the second place, despite the fact that it is quite sensitive.

Some advice for men who want to make a woman twins.

Women twin bed

to intimate relations female twins relates quite calmly.She does not need fireworks and some special approach, rather slowly, but steady action.It is important to be able to support it in the fire of passion that can erupt suddenly, but also rapidly subside.

man who falls into bed with a woman, the twins must be ready to keep pace.In some cases, it may be even more sexually aggressive.In such situations, she likes to play: to seduce and conquer the object of sympathy.She is very curious and is always ready to experiment in bed.

Features of behavior in bed woman, born under the sign of Gemini.

As you can see, the woman can be the twin pair is not for every man.But without such people the world would be boring.

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