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Women's sports fashion 2015: main trends and current models

Fashionable women's sportswear 2015

Tracksuits of bilayer plaschevki has long been in the past.They were replaced by a stylish and comfortable clothes for sports, are practical and relevant.In particular, the fashion in 2015 will tracksuits cotton, velvet, jersey.Besides trendy tracksuit 2015 need not consist of the usual pants and jackets.For example, it is very stylish and modern look of the sets of leggings and hoodies.

By the way, in 2015, among the most fashionable sports models are exactly leggings.They are ideal for training in sports institutions and for jogging in the street.This year, the designers opted for this sports wear bright prints and bright colors.So you can not limit yourself to boring black and gray leggings and safely buy tights with unusual "fun" colors.Relevant be as long a model and a 3/4 length leggings.

leggings If you do not like, then choose sports pants.Particular attention should be paid to the model with elastic at the ankle.These pants are tight hold on t

he leg and did not go up during exercise.Slim and fit girls sports, you can safely choose shorts.This year will be relevant as short skinny models and wide shorts.

Relevant in 2015 and will double layer shirts.Fashionable sports shirts are contrasting colors, perfectly raising motivation.The trend and T-shirts with prints, animal prints and just slogans.All these trends are characteristic color and sport shirts and tops.

Do not forget the comfortable sports hoodie and svitshotah.They are indispensable for sports in the street.By the way, you can wear them not only on the sports field, because they are ideal for everyday life.

Fashionable women's sports shoes 2015

As for sports shoes, the leaders in 2015, will remain sneakers.Relevant are the models with bright prints and bright laces unimaginable colors and more familiar to us self-colored sneakers.Sneakers in the trend.However, they are becoming increasingly fashionable casual shoes.Heath 2015 will sport shoes of bright colors - pink, red, yellow, orange and purple, as well as the model with volume pattern and color prints.

not left unattended and designers form of footwear for sports.In 2015, the fashion trend to continue in the futuristic and unusual models of sneakers and gym shoes.Very often designers experimented with the shape of the foot, giving it an unusual appearance that can not be displayed on the practicality and comfort of the shoes.

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