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Shoes Spring - Summer 2012

Harbinger trends - an exhibition in Milan.

In 2011, in Milan hosted an exhibition of shoes, which were presented to the most fashionable trends in the footwear industry.Italian shoes is famous all over the world, so almost all the designers of the world in the development of their collections are guided by the views of the Italians.
And now let's talk more about what are the features inherent in the fashion footwear 2012.


basic styles of shoes for spring and summer will be urban minimalism, which is characterized especially complex shapes and asymmetry of lines.This line of footwear was influenced by complex structures of the modern city.For such shoes are not characterized by high thin rods.It is pertinent only to a small or medium heels.Ironically, urban footwear collection is not very bright.Here, on the contrary, it may be noted pastel, soothing colors.But at the same time and pastel shades, and white are always accompanied by a fluorescent finish.Esthetics, avant-garde and functi

onality - these are the three principles that are reflected very successfully combines urban line of shoes the new season.

Shoes 2012 - a mix of styles.

Another distinctive feature of the shoe collections of the new season - a mix of different styles.The shoe design combines vintage notes and pop art.Shoes in a style distinguished femininity and romance.Italians have such a line of shoes called the Flamboyant.The color scheme of the line is very extensive.You can be sure that your shoes beige, antique rose, emerald and many other colors will look modern and stylish.
If we generalize all the signs of Italian shoes, which can be traced in the shoe collections of designers from other countries, it is: comfort, practicality, elegance, restraint.
basic principle of all the collections of the new season - practicality, combined with the charm, comfort, refinement and utility.
Comfort - the main criterion.
In general, the main criterion in the choice of shoes for you to become comfortable.In the season "Summer and Spring" designers listen, finally, to the requests of women of comfortable shoes.Shoes Collection Spring-Summer 2012 is completely rejected high heels.The basis of any pair of shoes is a medium or low heels.Another good news for the women will be a round-shaped nose of the shoe.Now women will not experience painful discomfort when walking.A small sacrifice the beauty of the women will have to bear only for special occasions when more appropriate high heel.

type shoes.

For other types of shoes, it is still the leading position occupied by these shoes like boots, boots, boots and shoes of various shapes.From a shoe trim particularly popular priobrett lacing: now it can be present in almost any kind of shoe, but is especially good and stylish, it looks at the boots and boots.You call furor by appearing on any event in the shoes of Carollina Herrera.These shoes feature fashionable now lacing front and rear.Last season was a very fashionable footwear fur trim.That is not true of the new season.Who are relevant fur straps.

What designers have prepared?

Prada in the new season will offer admirers of novelty - a mix of shoes and boots, stockings.In the shoes of this style will combine different types of leather: matte and shiny, the skin under reptiles and smooth.The clothes
2012 season will be widely used lace.This trend is also reflected in the collections of footwear, namely the design of Valentino.This is a more extravagant shoe models.However, in the new season of popular and classical types of shoes and other footwear.His crisp shapes and straight lines of the new women's collection will remind men's shoes.That style will be different from the collection of famous shoe designers: Chanel, Anna Sui, Derek Lam and others.

Youth collection.

Youth shoe collection in 2012 will also be interested in: cherespodёmnye belts favorably emphasize the beauty of female legs.
As for shoes for special occasions, there reigns a classic: simple pumps, often in black (for special cases, there may be other colors) smooth leather high heels-hairpin.Women who dreams of practicality and comfort, have still to reconcile with the victim towards the high heels.
If we talk about the materials of shoes for spring-summer 2012, then, as always, in a fashion leather and suede, as before, the date will be the skin of reptiles.And the most stylish version of the new season - a snakeskin tightly sitting on top of the foot.This leitmotif continues in the finishing of the heel.Among other natural materials may be called goatskin, natural cork, sailcloth, natural latex, and others.However, in addition to natural materials for the new season are popular and some synthetic.One - nylon.Also popular is silicone.Extremely relevant part of the shoe will be a rough finish untreated rope.Especially fashionable weaving a rope.The sole also undergo some changes, and now the main sole material - rubber, other soles go by the wayside.


As mentioned above, the colors of spring-summer collections allows to put your imagination in free flight, but do not forget that bright and flashy colors are more appropriate in the summer time.For spring still better to choose neutral shades of black, gray and brown.
All of these tendencies are, above all, women's shoes, but the men in the choice of footwear may be partly guided by the recommendations.Our recommendations will help you to choose the most stylish and fashionable shoes.