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Hidden Stress: to find and kill!

Hidden Stress also is called chronic.Onvoznikaet when we are deeply conscious vdushe accumulated emotions that we feel shameful ilinepravilnymi.It is proved that the brighter and stronger than such emotions, and the longer onipodavlyayutsya inside the heavier consequences.

Just imagine what would happen if a fire postavitskorovarku a sealed hole in it.It is easy to guess that it sluchitsyacherez time.Roughly the same thing happens to our soul: Lower boiling emotions asverhu pressured social feelings (guilt, fear or shame).Psihoterapevtyuverenny that these feelings are the most dangerous.They razrushayutlichnost person.Voltage, driven inwards increases and accumulates.Vrezultate that after some time there is an emotional outburst, kotoryymozhet even lead to psychosis or chronic severe depression.

Unfortunately, the destructive influence of the hidden stressamy're often helpless.And all because they are not able to understand exactly what is happening in our souls and what is actually we want.Votsa

mye common scenarios that can happen to anyone.

Scenario 1 "Vesden down the drain»

Say to the young man on the bus privyazalaskompaniya drunken men who were rude and run up to the fight.After takogomolodoy people come to work in not very good condition.He budetrasteryannym and evil, inconsiderate and rude.As a result of zanevnimatelnosti may occur and other troubles.For example, dorogedomoy it can tuck leg get caught in traffic and so forth.This is bolsheusugubit situation.Once home, all the rage young people to descend to blizkih.Na all the questions, "What happened?", A specific response will be.So nachnetponemnogu accumulated stress.

Scenario 2: "Gently and wanted»

Here's another real-life example.Women 33 years and onatak never married.But she has impeccable career.This onaobayatelna and intelligent, energetic and ambitious.It appeals to many, but for some reason a serious relationship and do not add up.On the face of the girl is not podavalanikakih experiences signs, but inside she is very worried: it seemed to her that her that something was wrong, that it was discussed behind that all laugh at eeodinochestvom.And when he finally appeared on the horizon a man, she prostomahnula all up saying, why should I all, I and one bad.After etogodevushka with his head went into another business project.

Scenario 3 "Yaproigrala tired, give up!»

happens in life a lot of unpleasant situations.Here is one iztakih.The girl's first pregnancy ended in failure.In late srokeberemennost interrupted.And since then, she just can not be solved on vtoruyupopytku.Her torments of fear and doubt, and suddenly everything again.And then there stydpoyavlyaetsya: "I am a woman and I can not the most important - to have a baby."In dannoysituatsii psychological stress develops into severe stress.

Scenario 4 "Nevernyydiagnoz»

A woman forty years, doctors have suspected onkologicheskoezabolevanie.Negligently they told her about it.After passing retested, the woman realized that the diagnosis was not confirmed.But now her subconscious budetpostoyanno idea that doctors suddenly made a mistake and for the second time.Woman stalaperezhivat, estranged from the people in on itself, and even began to think osuitside.This kind of psychological pressure is very dangerous.

contagious emotion

Hidden stress, which is experiencing one of the family members will necessarily be reflected on all home.Psychologists have shown that close lyudimogut start to hurt: there are pressure surges, headaches, narushenieserdechnogo rhythm, seizures, vascular dystonia, metabolic disorders so on.But hidden in the family stress very easily and treated.Most prostoysposob - open to their family members and to utter them all chtonakopilos within you.

angry because chtoboleyu

Very often we get sick because we have hidden stress.Naprimer, thyroid disorders make people irritable, emotional and aggressive.Women may have problems with the uterus imastopatiey.The sooner a person realizes that he brings to the stress temluchshe.The reason can be resolved very quickly, the main thing to know it.At sostressom and leave a bad mood, irritability, nedovolstvo.Vosstanovitsya balance and peace in the family.

okazatpomosch Like Me?

Very rarely we turn to a psychologist.Most often myuvereny that they can cope with stress and nakopivshimisyaproblemami.But not all of it is impossible to make.Why is that?Because not kazhdyyznaet how to do it.

  • The first step is to realize that stress est.Primite it."Yes, I have the whole day because of the psycho fools who isportilinastroenie me on the bus";"Yeah, I feel bad and flawed because chtou I have no husband."These thoughts come hard.But the sooner you do, the better for you.
  • Understand what you really want and what you etonuzhno.Perhaps your family does not need, you are not made for this.A vseperezhivaniya only because of the fact that you do not meet social stereotypes: that female homemakers, she should not be alone, she dolzhnavospityvat children and so on.
  • Mentally Play the scenario of what would happen to you eslistressovaya situation comes to a logical conclusion.For example, you still have not found a husband.What exactly will happen with your life, that it change?Chtovas scares in this situation?And then decide whether iskhodnastolko terrible for you, as it seems at first glance.
  • find a safe way to relieve stress.Variantovizbavitsya from psychological stress very much.You can play sports, you can cry into a pillow or talk with a close friend, you can sleep off prostohorosho or go on vacation.Everyone can find their own way, the main thing to start looking.
  • learn to share their feelings with loved ones lyudmi.Nevazhno with someone, whether it be parents or husband.Many are accustomed to talk about svoihproblemah absolutely strangers, such as doctors, salesmen ilisotrudnikam workers.But chronic stress do nezhelatelno.Ved these people will not be able to provide you with friendly support that ochenneobhodima in such situations.You will be hard to take a different view, and thus you will be physically and mentally exhausted.Remember that otlyudey isolation will only lead to depression.
  • If the above methods do not help, contact kvysokokvalifitsirovannomu therapist.There is nothing to be ashamed of.Mnogielyudi use its services.Nowadays it is very difficult to cope spsihologicheskoy load.Therefore, in some cases, help spetsialistaprosto needed.

Remember that we are all different, and therefore, each perezhivaetstress differently.Some people go for a walk with friends and other close a iotdalyayutsya from the outside world, and still others just spit on everything and continue zhitdalshe.That's why the treatment of chronic stress is necessary podbiratindividualny approach to each person.

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