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How to choose the right shoes for dress

In order to choose the right shoes, you must first decide what you need shoes: casual shoes, shoes of identity.When choosing shoes for casual dresses should abandon a large number of crystals, some bulky items of decoration.With classic cut dress will look good shoes on a low heel, to 5 centimeters, also suitable for such a dress flat shoes.Denim dresses or dresses sporty wear shoes, the design similar to athletic shoes, but are not intended for sports.Under short light dress sandals shoes or sandals.Casual footwear should be as comfortable as you are in it most of the time.For casual dresses suit and heels up to 8 centimeters, and platform shoes.The lighter fabric, which is sewn from the dress, the easier should be a material from which shoes are made.

shoes for evening dress shoes differ from day to day, firstly, heel height, and secondly, soles and uppers of the shoes are made of thin material.For long evening dress suit closed shoes at any height heel, heel should not be thick.Also, for such a fe

e, you can choose sandals, but on a small heel.If your dress in which you go to a gala evening, a short or open, then you need the sandals can be with ties or shoes with open cape.If you don tights, the shoes should be closed.

shoes under her dress should be one tone.The contrast with the dress shoes are allowed, if the shoes in color combined with accessories to dress.Shoes or sandals with platform shoes with no evening gowns, they are allowed only if they are a perfect complement outfit, such as a repeating pattern of the dress.Shoes should be selected after you have chosen your evening dress.And when buying dress shoes advisable to take with you, and not to rely on their visual memory, choosing the color of shoes.Choosing the right shoes dress nicely complements and completes your look, and if the shoes or sandals are chosen poorly, they just spoil the whole look, no matter how elegant and fashionable was not your outfit.By the way, shoes or sandals are identical to the case must be purchased in advance, so that they carry.To feel comfortable in the new shoes, you need to holiday destinations for a few days, at least three days, do not be lazy and three hours to wear shoes purchased.

Buy shoes under her dress better in the afternoon, but not in the evening, as the evening a little foot swells.In the morning you can enjoy yourself in the shoes and in the evening they may seem small.
When choosing shoes to the dress, if you want to focus on the figure to emphasize it, the shoes do not have to be bright, so as not to attract attention.And if you want to have on your feet noticed, you should choose a bright patent leather shoes.Beautifully accentuate slender legs sandals with high laces.

If you do not wear high heels, even a cocktail dress should not buy high heels.In this case, you can choose the right elegant boat on a low heel.After all, the main rule when choosing a shoe that she was comfortable.A high-heeled shoes or platform can lead to pain in the ankle and thigh muscles can also cause injury.

When choosing shoes need to know if you feel that the shoe does not fit your foot, just put them aside, even if you really liked.Do not rely on what you are carried by them - these shoes are not for your feet.When choosing shoes with open cape note cutout.Too large cutout in the shoes will be uncomfortable for your fingers.A too small cutout makes larger foot.Note the sock, it is important to match the proportions of your body.Do not shoe shoes with long socks for women of small stature.When buying shoes, take your time, walk in them around the store, look at yourself in the mirror as you look at them, you feel comfortable.

And another tip - in the wardrobe of every woman have to be a pair of black shoes - boats.They are versatile, suited to many dresses and are appropriate in almost any situation.These shoes with a narrow heel and the toe of a classic 5-8 centimeters very elegant look and emphasize the elegance of the shape.And the evening closed-toe shoes made of black satin will help to create a beautiful image with a black dress boiler.We hope that our advice on the correct selection of shoes under her dress to help achieve a harmonious way, help you to be the queen of the festival.