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Posleotpusknaya depression and how to fight it

posleotpusknoy Causes of depression and how to deal with it

correct vacation - this is when a person from one vidadeyatelnosti completely switched to another.The most important thing - it sumetzabyt about work at all.A sozvanivayas with his colleagues, scroll in his goloverabochie moments, you only have yourself steal precious hours of idleness.In addition, the double burden - the attempts to relax and at the same time continued rabochegoprotsessa always fraught with aggravation of chronic diseases.

The second problem is a holiday-time.According to many experts, it is better to rest vovsene than a little rest.Scientists have determined that the "otpusknoyminimum" should be two weeks.In this one-week leave naadaptatsiyu new human conditions (regime change days, and possibly climate and time zones).Second week - to rest myself.This zhelatelnoimet one more week of rest in stock - for re-acclimatization, in other words, a return to the old conditions of life.

Another common mistake is to rest "f

or the company."Often stilvremyapreprovozhdeniya unfortunately not choose you, but it is your okruzhenie.Vmesto to luxuriate in nature, you trudge with their buddies naekskursiyu or, say, cultivate the beds in the country, although quite nemozhet tolerate this activity.It is necessary to study hard to refuse without false chuvstvaviny.

However, if you even managed efficiently probezdelnichat otpusknyenedeli and forget even the word "work", work vozmozhnyoslozhneniya.Some people try to immediately, and quite actively, including in rabochiyprotsess and hurriedly solve all the accumulated problems.

But experience shows that we should not rush to take posleotpuska the first day of important decisions - are possible missteps.

German researchers found that during a successful holiday ucheloveka mental factor is reduced by 20 points.And so it should be datsebe time to intensify intelligence.And psychologists seriously assert that the first working day employees should be allowed to work only polovinupolozhennyh hours.This is necessary as the prevention of various nervnyhsryvov.

Time to work should be considered a mini-crisis and it otnositsyaserezno.According to statistics, dissatisfaction with their work and life in general, dovolnoyarko manifested now.The man who is passionate about their work, not long stanetpredavatsya despondency.Spanish psychologists believe that more than 35% in sootechestvennikovregulyarno posleotpusknuyu depression fall.The causes of this rampant blues vidyatuchenye that only 5% of Spaniards are satisfied with their work.Accordingly, suschestvuetpovod think, and whether such work at all?

should not regard it as a depression posleotpusknuyu proyavleniesobstvennoy weakness.The fact that such problems and the strong, successful people also sluchayutsyav life and business.In most cases, such a nuisance suffer predstaviteliliberalnyh professions (lawyers, journalists, doctors) and owners malogobiznesa.

How to deal with this depression if she did vamisluchilas?That work, of course, have to, to understand the costs, but trudovyebudni rush headlong not necessarily even harmful.

should start with the most simple things that do not trebuyutkontsentratsii attention and special mental effort.For example, tell your colleagues about zalanchem pleasant moments of vacation, and gave away souvenirs pokazatfotografii - it's a good program for the first day.

His home is best to warn that vasherazdrazhenie with the attitude to them has nothing to do, but on the contrary, you trebuyutsyalyubov and support.And by the way, people who are happy in marriage, problems narabote cope faster.

And while you're in the rhythm are not logged in, it is important to own "positive resources" look.Someone brings to life and uspokaivayutdlitelnye walk, someone - computer games and so on., And some office zavodyatnastolny mini-rock garden and grabelkami hands meditate.The beauty chelovecheskogoobscheniya not contraindicated, and especially nice for you people.Otnazoylivyh the family is best to stay away.

physical activity also contribute to raising the tone.And sovsemne necessarily sweat push rod or cheat hours following postadionu.It is enough to start the static exercises.For example, lying nadivane hands squeeze into the lock, then lift the leg in this position zaderzhitesna few minutes.And repeat this exercise again 6-10.This nezametnayagimnastika wonderful tones, as well as burns calories and pozvolyaetprivesti passing thoughts.

And another trick - to get up in the morning for 30 minutes earlier than usual.After all, it will give you extra time to pereosmyslenietsennostey it, getting used to new surroundings.

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