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How to choose a high-quality suede boots

Not all women are hesitant to make the choice to favor winter models of shoes made of suede.After all, velvety surface of the material is very capricious in our winter conditions.Moisture, dirt and salt stains are not the best decoration for boots made of suede.

But the springtime, when the streets become not so wet and muddy ideal time for that would appreciate suede odezhku for your legs.

is confirmed by fashion magazines and podium track.In today's fashion trends suede - material №1.reasons for the popularity of this natural material a lot.It is comfortable and fashionable, to the same choice of colors of suede shoes much more than products from its back side, leather.

Suede - a skin turned inside out, the so-called fat tanning.This material is made of sheep, deer and goat skins.Thanks to the special handling, suede considerably wins in indicators such as flexibility and elasticity.This makes shoes made of suede is not only pleasant to the touch, but also comfortable to wear.This is especially tru

e of women will experience a strain of the foot, a bone protruding.

palette is not limited to natural black and brown shades.The shelves of boutiques and catalogs offer page as a noble, rich black color for the lovers of classic and fabulous bright colors that will be a focus in the form of an indisputable boldest fashionistas.

The model of shoes made of suede can be found such important elements such as lace, trimmed with fur, all kinds of fasteners and rivets, colorful or matching embroidery, sequins decoration, applications and more.Not to mention the fringe, which is perfect in a suede version.

What suede is not friendly with the rain - that's a fact.Why not tell about the warm and dry, even hot weather.That is why, suede ideal material for the so-called summer boots.Shoes from it can be worn on bare feet.Due to the properties of sheepskin feet stay dry, clean and smell good, inside the shoe provides air circulation.It is the perfect choice if you walk a lot.

way, suede, ideal for owners of long feet.The boots made of suede leg looks more petite, graceful.As well as the material emphasizes the beauty and dignity of the female foot.

How to choose your pair?

Buying suede boots, you should pay the front surface of the shoe.Thus, a truly high-quality suede is uniform in color, as well as small, not a loose pile.On the surface of the material should be neither streaks nor jammed portions.The paint should not leave traces on the hands.As well as suede villi, which may indicate that it compacts, which, of course, affect the quality of wear.It should feel good boots and inner material.

natural materials can be easily determined by the smell.Suede shoes tends to stretch, and therefore, do not buy your favorite model "with reserve" on the toe, or one size larger.If the boots with a zipper, a few times, check free and easy whether it is fastened.However, even when fitting you have a chance of falling in love with suede shoes, and the comfort that it gives your legs.Now that you know how to choose high-quality suede boots!

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