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What a dream that you have a dog bites?

What to expect if you are bitten by a dog in a dream?

If the bite occurred in the arm, you're subconsciously trying to repel the attack.So in real life you will struggle to achieve the goal, but the people that you have to confront the unpleasant surprise you.

If the animal is bitten in the leg, it is not only warning about the machinations of enemies, but also a general description of how they will try to hurt you.Most likely, the detractors will try to knock you out of the soil under the feet to break your business or career break.

Black dog bites you - a bad omen.Be sure to pay attention to this interpretation, in order to prevent problems in the future.The fact that the aggressive animals such color indicates that someone of your friends is in fact not so much friendly and just waiting for the right moment to strike surreptitiously.

What if you are bitten by a dog in a dream?

most popular interpretation

  • The Dream Miller says that people see such dreams, which in reality will be completely alien to a large group of people.Failures
    will be accompanied by the dreamer in all spheres of life, both at work and at home.Particular attention should be paid to new acquaintances, as a man you believed his good friend, actually would be the enemy, who only wait for the case to worsen this already sad state, spreading rumors.
  • saw that you were bitten by a rabid dog or evil?Try to tune in peaceful harmony.The fact that you have a period of heightened conflict and you can argue with others for the slightest detail.It is important to try to keep yourself in the hands of as extra arguments appear to have a negative aspects of life that make up the exceptional importance for you.
  • If an animal has bitten you to the blood, the problems of the future will relate to some of the relatives.It is possible that you will be disappointed in someone from his family.You will be cheating or even infidelity.
  • Seeing a dog bites a cat, says that the dreamer waiting period of minor problems and difficulties.All your plans simply can not be implemented because of the situation.Therefore, the dream book recommends that the solution of all important things for a good time.

    The value of sleep in which you want the dog to bite.

  • small animal tuned very aggressively and bite you, it says that you should reconsider your behavior.You can greatly affected by his own arrogance and underestimating the opponent.
  • big dog, on the contrary, says that you too are looking for help of a powerful patron.
  • White animal - a kind of warning.Person close to you is using you for their own purposes and even this does not make a very positive thing.Its consequences you do not feel, but an unpleasant aftertaste remains for many years.
  • attack and dog bite - a harbinger of impending difficulties.If this has happened to the dreamer, the problems will fall on him, and when the main victim was someone from relatives or friends, it is they need to prepare for problems.

Generally speaking, such an aggressive attitude, "another person" in a dream is very symbolic.You should not ignore such a vision, because your lightheadedness can only exacerbate an already dire situation.

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