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How to lose weight in your sleep?

British father and son - a pharmacist and nutritionist Mike Stewart Makinessovershili wonderful discovery.The essence of the discovery is that if we combine food, exercise ipolnotsenny sleep with the mind, it is possible to lose weight in your sleep!What is the secret?Eslizapustit mechanism of fat burning during the night and to speed up metabolism, over mesyatsmozhno lose up to three kilograms.

If the liver is charged 1-2 spoons of honey one hour before sleep, improves protsessvosstanovleniya and preventive stress hormones that interfere zhiramrasscheplyatsya.

Of course, all is not so simple, one honey you will not do.It should polnostyuperesmotret your daily routine and diet.

Surely, you have now started to wonder what is the relationship between weight and snom.Otvet is very simple: when you do not get enough sleep, disrupted hormone kotoryeotvechayut for appetite, metabolism and fat cravings for different kinds of products.Have you ever noticed for themselves, that editegorazdo more in a t

ired when nothing wants to do?There have been such a study: the participants got up at 4.30 am and at 8.30 am inheriting night.It was found that participants who do not get enough sleep, sedalina 221 calories more (on average).2 weeks of this regime, these calories obrazuyut450 gram of excess fat, and who needs it?

When a woman is not getting enough sleep, in her body to produce more gormongrelin that stimulates the appetite and produces less gormonaleptin, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety.The problem is that dninedosypaniya want not just eat and eat high-calorie foods.Organizmtrebuet simple carbohydrates, chocolate, pastry and sugar.

Every day you have to sleep at least seven and a half hours for togochtoby lose weight.In addition, stick to simple tips:

  1. best to get up and go to bed every day and water at the same time.If the weekend is difficult for you to observe, togdapomnite that if you went to 2 hours later, then you have to get up too on 2hours later.Go
  2. very responsible for cooking, touch.Try to take a bath, practice yoga or stretch marks in techenie50-60 minutes, read a book.In a short time, and even at these zanyatiyahtelo will know that you will soon be going to bed.Try vyklyuchatmobilny phone, TV and computer.
  3. If you love coffee, then try to drink it in the first half of the day, but in any case not after.A stop alcohol pitza three hours before bedtime.Of course, alcoholic beverages contribute to falling asleep, but Ned enter the stage of deep sleep, so you normally do not sleep enough.
  4. In my experience to determine how many actually delesna you need.Some women get enough sleep for 9 hours.If you sleep spolovinoy 7 o'clock in the morning alarm clock can wake you up, so it's not vashevremya and try to sleep more.Each time add to its time popyatnadtsat minutes puncture and so long until you come to the nuzhnomuvremeni.It's okay if it will take you a week or two.

accustom your body to such a mode, some will not be easy, because someone totolko starts in the morning watch your favorite TV series.It is better to write a series on video or DVD or watch on the Internet in the online mode, and just think, for what you are doing - for the sake of the beautiful and zdorovogotela.It will be hard to fill "owl", but there is nothing nevozmozhnogo.Prosto to get used to the new regime will need more coffee vremeni.Lyubitelnitsy decide what to give up coffee in the afternoon is not takuzh need but one experts say that caffeine otritsatelnovozdeystvuyuta dream, even if you did not notice.If you find it hard to give up this bodryaschegonapitka, try to switch to decaf.First, drink half a cup of coffee and polkruzhkiprivychnogo coffee decaf, after a third of the clubs obychnogokofe and top up with the rest of decaf and so on, until completely stop upotreblyatkofein.The biggest problem for some women - a husband who is unwilling so early bedtime, but this problem can also be legkoustranit.Think of joint exercises before going to bed - practice yoga, take a warm bath or shower, Have sex ...

What to do if you can not sleep at the proper time?

This will help:

  • Stakanteplogo milk with a teaspoon of honey.
  • airing bedrooms.
  • relaxing music.
  • Auditory training.
  • 10 minutnayagoryachaya bath with herbs and essential oils or just a foot bath.
  • 20 minutnayaprogulka outdoors.

Zanimayteskazhdy day yoga or simple charging.Most importantly, prisutstvovaliuprazhneniya relaxation and muscle tension.

Remember chtospat need complete darkness to produce melatonin and could zhirysmogli burned.

Of course, it would be good exercise except sleeping and eating right.Staraytesotkazyvatsya of smoked and canned goods, semi-finished and white bread, eshtetri times a week lean meat twice a week - eggs.If vypriderzhivaetes of vegetarian food, then eat soy produkty.Obyazatelno alternate lean and fatty fish, eat more fruits and vegetables.

menu specifically for Sleeping Beauty

Breakfast (select to your taste):

  • myuslis cup of skim milk, eggs from one egg, 1 orange or 1 apple.
  • obezzhirennyyyogurt, a cup of cereal with skim milk, boiled egg, a glass of yablochnogosoka.
  • obezzhirennyyyogurt, a slice of wholemeal bread with a teaspoon of honey, a banana.

Snack (choose on your taste):

  • stakanapelsinovogo
  • fruktovyysalat juice from apple and orange
  • apple

Lunch (choose on your taste):

  • postnayagovyadina baked on a grill,Tomato and cabbage
  • otvarnayaryba stewed on vegetable oil or mushrooms
  • kurinayagrudka cucumber, green beans, pineapple slice

Dinner (select to your taste):

  • ovoschnoysup puree of tomatoes, carrots, broccoliand cauliflower vegetable
  • supiz leeks, tomatoes and cabbage, a piece of cheese
  • potatoes boiled in their skins, a salad of peppers, cabbage and carrots.

very horoshiyeffekt happens if two hours after dinner, do exercises with dumbbells, aza hour before bedtime drink warm mint hour with the addition of lemon and a honey-dvumyalozhkami.

That's it!Now you learned that you need to do to extra inches left your body!Sleep Ichud!