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Adele Syndrome


life story of the heroine, whose name is called the disease is very sad.Adele Hugo, French writer izvestnogovsem daughter, suffering from unrequited love to the English ofitseruAlbertu Pinson.Contemporaries characterized as an intelligent and Adele talantlivuyuosobu, which could have a brilliant future, because it is inherited from only ottsane name, but also a literary talent.Unfortunately, all his strength onapotratila the persecution of her lover.On duty Pinsonperevodilsya in Canada, in India, and all of them went in love Adel.Hotya this is not love, and all-consuming obsession.

Adele did not vyshlazamuzh, she had no family, his life in the orphanage she finished dlyadushevnobolnyh the age of 85.But it seems that in reality life is poor Adele ended even earlier, when she was about thirty, and she went to a distant Canada, presleduyaPinsona.She wrote a letter to Albert, called herself his wife.By its actions, Adele upset his engagement to docheryusvyaschennika.In the end, I wasted all

the money she was nischenskoesuschestvovanie on the island of Borneo, where he served Pinson, until it was found and returned to France.


Syndrome Adeliotlichaetsya from ordinary unrequited love.When a person is not just perezhivaetsilnuyu emotional attachment to his handpicked successor, and feelings nachinayutupravlyat throughout his life, it is an occasion to sound the alarm.If sostoyaniezapustit, then leave it alone is impossible.

Adele syndrome victims are mostly zhenschiny.Vozrast, appearance or social status do not matter.Oshibochnopredpolagat that dwell on feelings undivided tolkoneprivlekatelnye women.Zachastuyuzhertva this syndrome falls in love with someone who she is certainly not a couple and with whom vdalneyshem impossible to build a relationship.Psychologists say chtopodsoznatelno crossed lovers and do not want a real relationship, kotoryemogut quickly destroy their illusion.

victim syndrome Adelilegko determined by the crazy things she does in imyanesuschestvuyuschey love.But while all tolkonachinaetsya syndrome Adelie well disguised as common sense.The first clearly marked symptom of mental disorder - all thoughts revolve only vokruglyubimogo.Man can neither think nor to talk about anything else, kromeobekta lust.As a result, friends gradually disappear from his life, aotsutstvie communication in turn aggravates the condition.

sindromomAdeli sufferers often changes the mood from severe depression to eyforicheskiradostnogo.Begin trouble sleeping, lose your appetite.Victim nastolkopogloschena sense that it is not able to do housework, can not cope sosluzhebnymi responsibilities.She polnostyuotrezaet themselves from the outside world, and at the same time, everything that is connected with your loved ones, it becomes extremely important.Dazheneznachitelnye things like postcards, random pictures carefully stored ioberegayutsya as a symbol of love.


Syndrome Adele - etolyubovnaya dependence, and it operates on the individual as well as alcohol, nicotine or drug and leads to the same disastrous consequences.Noesli people show enough willpower and desire, can samostoyatelnoizbavit themselves and their families from suffering.

So as glavnoyprichinoy all ills is the obsession one person should be on neeotvlechsya, as difficult as it was not.Shaw was convinced that we are suffering because we have plenty of time to speculate about naskolkonam bad.Therefore, you should organizovatsvoyu life in such a way that free time as small as possible.Find sebehobbi, start to learn something new, such as language, go on riding courses.The main thing that your zanyatiebylo for you a completely new and required a full-time commitment.

otnavyazchivyh To get rid of thoughts, chase away the memories.Urgent get rid of everything that was connected with the object of desire: a letter, phone messages, photographs, postcards.Avoid places where you have been together.Often the loved one seems hopelessly ideal bezkakih any flaws, but it is not so.Try to remember egonedostatkah probably the only case where is useful to recall vseobidy and quarrels.Finally, try to be selfish and think naskolkovygodny was your relationship and who nasamom actually benefited from their break.

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