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How to cope with irritability and nervousness

Kogdavy waiting.

Vehicles left in front of you, and the arrival of the next unknown.The number of people waiting for transport increases.Do you feel that your breathing quickens, and fury as if about to break out.


  1. First of all, it is necessary to leave the congestion of waiting, because the people that have power over these unfavorable emotions have the ability to transfer them.Calm down, breathe deeply and stop waiting, staring into the distance, waiting for the bus appears.
  2. not think about something pleasant, for example, consider the people, maybe someone will like your outfit, or watch nature, it is always beautiful.
  3. repeating to myself the phrase, "Where is the bus!He is not!What to do!He does not go! "So you just feel the nerves, and this traffic will not come.And if your mind spontaneously falls to the place where the bus should appear, repeat mentally "finally coming!".After all, any thoughts material.

you do not notice how fast time flies on the clock.Un

derachieving in time to appear in a certain place.No excuses you nesmogut save.No delay bus naprobki road - you can not save.


  1. When you schedule meetings, always warn that can linger for a while.For large cities it is considered the norm.Make an appointment, try to choose a place where you would expect convenient.For example, avoided places such as streets, as expected for a long time in the cold or under the scorching sun is not very convenient.Let it be places such as cafes or shop in case of emergency.
  2. Terribly being late, try to calm yourself.After all, if you are late, from the end of the world will not happen.Dissatisfaction with waiting at the person - it's just waiting for you.And this is not such an important thing, because of which should be so worry and spoil his nervous system.
  3. If there is an option in which you can change the conditions of your stay, take advantage of this.For example, call a taxi or catch it on the street, so you can reduce the time of arrival.After the nerves are much more important than any money.

you angry.

the cashier at the store did not have the date with your bills and votvet she has given you the whole dilemma on the subject of people who do not have melkihdeneg.The bus or any vehicle you pushed, stepped nanogu, also shouted insults you go.You feel like a golovepribyvaet blood and you just simmer with anger.


  1. took a deep breath to regain normal rhythm of breathing.Relax every muscle of his body.Mentally imagine how you envelops warm state of mind.
  2. can count backwards, for example, from 100 to 1. It calms.
  3. Think of the funniest moments in your life, and scroll down in my head again and again.
  4. Think about the place where you are always comfortable and quiet.Maybe it's beach or a park bench.

Kogdavy feel that you are provoked.

The same truck stuffed with a crowd of people, often vspyhivayutssory.The basis for this is a violation of personal space.The fact is that in psychology there is an indicator such as an intimate space, kotoroesostavlyaet about 10 centimeters.If someone for no reason violates this area, at the subconscious level is perceived with hostility.


  1. can visualize an impenetrable border that separates you from the opponent.
  2. not entered in to provocations.Think about something his.
  3. There are so-called energy vampires who get a charge from the conflict.So often they provoke.Wish mentally to such a person's health and happiness.

Ispytyvayutvashi nerves.

Terribly being late, you see a picture of how kassiruchrezhdeniya slowly fills forms and talking on the phone postoronnietemy.She obviously plays on your nerves.


  1. Think about whether you want the whims of the ladies have such feelings.
  2. Try to subdue anxiety.
  3. Wish her good health and all the best.It may be that it is so lacking in life.

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