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Female hysteria: the disease or the norm?

Some facts from the history of

first study involved the legendary hysteria vrachGippokrat, who called the fenomenot Latin word «uterus», which means "queen".According to Hippocrates matkaperemeschaetsya of the female body and stuck on bodies razlichnyeoschuscheniya causes and symptoms of the disease.

But the basic idea of ​​hysteria was worked out, of course, vprosveschennom 20th century.It is engaged in the study of Freud, Jung.Moreover, almost all professionals involved in the study of the human psyche, gave part of his life to the study of hysteria, but to clarify the issue still could not.

Hysteria: good or bad?

Even today, each specialist treats isteriyupo differently.So, some of them believe this state deviation from the norm, but most of the researchers came to the conclusion that it is quite poleznoeemotsionalnoe state.

is particularly important is the manifestation of emotions for women kotoryenamnogo weaker than men physically, but it should have some drugimivozmozhnosty

ami impact on the environment.That's just such a reaction isozdaet feeling that special woman in front of us, having svoeyindividualnostyu capable of affecting not only the environment but iizmenyat his personal fortune.

When is manifested hysteria?

study of hysterical states should begin sdetstva.It turns out that every child, regardless of gender, prirodoyzalozhen so-called hysterical response mechanism allowing operativnoprisposablivatsya the environment and learn it quickly, and most importantly -To receive massive amounts of knowledge.That hysteria is one of the mechanisms predostavlyayuschimdetyam able to receive and process up to 7 years, an array of information that people will be able to master the age of 7 until the end of life.

Women hysterical response mechanism allows, first of all, to know the world without his awareness.If informatsiyaprohodit through consciousness, the woman begins to analyze it, znaniyaosvaivayutsya a much lesser extent.That is why the hysteria not yavlyaetsyapatologiey or sign of disease of the nervous system.

course, often we rely on everyday istericheskiesituatsii, saying that this or that woman hysteric, psychopath who feels bad calmly react to the situation and to seek his friend, boleespokoynymi methods.Especially such statements we hear from those ktonablyudaet how to express their emotions woman.

But if we consider the situation on the other hand, it turns out that hysteria - is prepared every woman, without which it slozhnoprichislit among the fair sex.

You saw absolutely rational who can not pokazyvatsvoi emotions in public, women who are themselves from this and you suffered?True, they are not much different from men?

turns out that hysterical in nature - it is razta personality that allows a woman to act skillfully naokruzhayuschuyu environment in general, and women in particular.

There is a hypothesis that in the animal world there are substances subtitle pheromones that attract individuals of the opposite sex.So zhemehanizmom in human nature can be considered hysteria that yavlyaetsyasvoeobraznym tax pheromone that attracts attention by being umeloispolzovannym when communicating with others.

Another issue is that there are women kotoryeslishkom often not very skillfully exhibit their hysterical nature, and obschenies them becomes too tedious.If hysteria manifested dovolnospokoyno gently, it can be associated with the art of women affected naokruzhayuschih.

Note that in the early 90's hysteria was excluded izmezhdunarodnoy Classification of Diseases, which means that even slishkomemotsionalnaya woman reacts violently to situations considered vpolneadekvatnoy medicine.Practice shows that the measure is capable of hysterical lady vyzvatnepoddelny interest among men, while flighty ladies dostanetsyaminimum attention.