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How to behave when you are accused, and you're not to blame?

In fact, tips, how to lead properly when you are accused, and you're not to blame, it is very simple.So, if you are accused of is that you do, decide to start, so do malicious or people really wrong.If the accused is not just a mistake, then you have to keep in mind that someone handy to make you guilty.How to act in this case?First, you must find out who is to blame for what happened.Only with irrefutable evidence, you'll be able to confront accusers.Rather, accusing him who is not guilty, people want to protect themselves, or specifically to blame someone.In fact, the degree of seriousness of such accusations very different.May act by jealous rivals who wish to take you a loved one, envious employees are annoyed that the boss likes you more than others, or competitors, which requires that you went bankrupt.But, in any case, people start to behave aiming at your moral or material destruction.How to protect yourself from them, and to behave in such a situation?

Firstly, your side must always be reliabl

e people who will be able to support and protect you in any situation.But you have to be really sure that these people will never betray you are not and will not fight on two fronts.If you are trying to provoke and make it more than one day, then one of your close friends might try to say, "sneak into enemy territory" and find out exactly why you want to substitute, but also get someproof.But even if it is not possible to make close people always have to prove your words, of course, if they are truthful.Do not lie to the whole crowd, because then, when all will be revealed, will not believe, not only you, but also your friends.
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often in charge can be used only words.And here, it is very important to be able to properly respond to the word.Firstly, it is not necessary to scream and start blaming this man slander.In fact, he would like nothing.If a person is brought into hysterics, it ceases to adequately think and argue their word.Therefore, when you accuse, do not immediately get angry, call the person and shout that you slandered.Instead, it is best to listen to it very carefully.To lie there is always a place, "sewn with white thread."If they notice in time, it can justify itself with dignity.Therefore, in any case, do not interrupt his accuser.Hear it to the end, and only then start to make any conclusions.If you know that he just can not be any real evidence to support your accusation, then you are very light and just be able to prove that in no way to blame.But for this you need to stay very calm and cold.If you start to get angry, shade, lowered eyes and nervous, people have the impression that you're doing so because of the fact that you know about his guilt, and now, try it as something to hide, but you do not go out.Therefore, in no case do not let yourself be nervous.Even if you just want to strangle the offender still bare hands, never dare to show it.If a person sees that brought someone from sanity, he will definitely take advantage of it.Therefore, you should not allow such.

Also, you should never make excuses.When a person starts to talk excitedly about what he's not, and could not do anything like that, then his words are not perceived as something real and true.In situations where you deliberately accused need only use arguments and irrefutable facts.As mentioned earlier, try to identify weaknesses in the indictment and to refute them.This can be done in different ways: pushing their version of asking questions or otherwise.Just have to look at the situation, and, in any case, do not give way to emotions.Remember that the Prosecutor expects from you any reaction, but not peace of mind and full of self-confidence and self-righteous.This behavior is exactly knock him off.If you still and you start to expose a person is completely lost and forget about all the arguments that had before.Therefore, always remember that the most difficult to blame a man who knows that he is right, is not afraid of the prosecutor and not allow themselves to lose composure.

If you are not specifically charged, then the situation is much easier to understand.In this case, people are a lot more besides, to listen to you, and to find the truth.But to justify in this case it is not necessary.Just need to explain the situation, show why you could not do it and, if necessary, to find the evidence that will confirm your innocence to a particular case.Most likely, you will be given time to find a way to justify itself and be adequately assess the situation, rather than looking for an opportunity to prove your guilt.

In fact, in every man's life there are times when it is accused of something he did not do.Do not take it to heart.All human beings are fallible and detractors too, everyone has.If no one hates you, you need to think about whether you live.After all, emotions are not only causing gray and uninteresting people.Therefore, these stories and accusations should be seen not as a reason to consider himself a bad person, but as a proof that you can arouse strong emotions as enemies, therefore, truly live, not exist.

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