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Shoes and character

heels or studs, higher than 7 cm.
Owners shoes with high heels that freedom-loving, sexy, with an original outlook on life.High Heel has always attracted the attention of others.Often the cause of interest to themselves subconsciously want a girl with low self-esteem.They want to promote, attention.Another reason the choice of very high heels - the desire to rise above all those around you.But it's not just a desire to stand out, but a means of protection from the outside world, sometimes hostile.

thin heels and stilettos.
Such Heels prefer energetic, fully confident women.But they are different tact and discretion.Girls who wear shoes with heels so, know the price of its beauty and know how to enjoy it.Sociable, easy to make new acquaintances.Infinitely feminine.

distinctive traits owners of platform shoes are for freedom, self-confidence, straightness.Women of this type appreciate their own victory, everything around them must obey the rules.By nature, these women are very practical
, but not devoid of romanticism.

Soft shoes on low wedges.
Owners of such shoes have a flexible, calm nature.Often these women are not very confident.But this does not affect the ease and pleasantness in conversation.Very romantic nature, philosophical outlook on life.The tactics they have chosen in the relationship - compromise.

Shoes with wedge heels of 5-7 cm.
This shoe is usually combined with an elegant shoe.Owners of these shoes - sophisticated, feminine, but at the same time, self-confident.Very appreciate a firm stand, even though they themselves highly unpredictable.This women-puzzle with a bright outlook on life.Of interest to all associates.

Women's shoes, men's stylized.
Women who choose such footwear confidence, their lives been established.They live in peace with themselves and others.They know life and ready for all surprises.But psychologists say that the ladies who prefer a shoe, going through a difficult period in his life.Choosing a shoe often points to fatigue or even depression.The practicality of such shoes is not always accompanied by a light nature of its owner.

Shoes sports type.

Shoes makes walking relaxed, one might even say careless.Women who prefer sports footwear type uncompromising directly.Communication - a distinctive trait.It is easy to join in any company, even strangers, with people converging rapidly.But in everyday life take hard change.

shoes without backs or small hairpin.

Owners of such shoes easy-going, a great interest in nature.Such women crave adventure and are prepared.Externally seem naive, vulnerable, but this impression is not always true.Very attractive, attractive to others.

Look at your shoes, vote your character.Perhaps it is necessary, to change anything.Nothing could be easier.Buy a quite peculiar nature of your shoes and enjoy a date.Make sure that shoes and interrelated nature of human.

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