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The most joyful day of the year: September 21 religious holiday

miraculous birth of Mary

logical to assume that the birth mother of the Messiah in any case could not be accidental, but is a deliberate over.So, once in the small town of Nazareth lived a married couple - Joachim and Anna.

The couple had been together for 50 years, but they did not succeed to conceive.Once Anna grieved about this in the garden, looking at the bird's nest, "Even the birds may have children than I deserved fate to be alone today and until old age?".At the same moment she heard a divine voice from the sky, proclaiming that it is destined to give birth to a daughter, who gives salvation to humanity.

9 months later, he was born the Virgin Mary, and of Joachim and Anna came to be known Bogoottsami.In fact, from that moment it began the history of the salvation of the human race, so the birth date of Jesus' mother on September 21 is considered one of the greatest religious holidays.

World triumph: how the religious festival September 21

celebrate Christmas Virgin Mary formally began

in the IV century, and since then, every year this day is considered the day of universal joy.The Birth of the Virgin is the first event that is associated with the Gospel and the first of the 12 major religious holidays.

this day calendar of all the Christian churches are magnificent service, which lasts for almost a day.Believers praise Blessed Lady, happy rescue and greet each other with a great date.

Interestingly, the Catholic Church celebrates Christmas not only the holy Virgin, but also its conception, which falls on December 9, but the Orthodox do not recognize this date, since conception occurs through human sin.Catholics also believe it immaculate, while Christians believe that it was only the divine birth of Jesus Christ and Mary, born in a natural way, that is, in sin, in need of redemption.

Signs of autumn Christmas

There are many signs, and even divination rituals that can be performed on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.This day is also known as the day of universal joy as the world opened the way to salvation.What is a religious holiday may be more pure cause general rejoicing?September 21 - the date of the church when parents come to their children and taught them wisdom, so it was impossible to disobey their mandates.(A tribute to parents Prichistoy Virgin and her as the mother of the Savior).

believed that wedding, played on September 21 religious holiday, the newlyweds will bring happiness and joy for life.Autumn Christmas is celebrated in a big way - did a lot of food, magnificently put on the table - a table, and this life will be in the next year.The girl in this holy day could speculate on her spouse, and if today you get your hands dirty - it is necessary to wait for a profit or an increase of work.

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