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Around the Cross: a holiday is celebrated on September 27?

Where erected Cross?

The correct name of the church holiday on September 27 is as follows: The Exaltation of the Holy Cross.It is logical to assume that the Christian symbol was erected on Mount Calvary, but not the actual installation celebrating the crucifixion, and his discovery during the excavation.

Exaltation timed to the moment of installation of the secondary precious finds, as a divine symbol of salvation and forgiveness of human sin.Holy relics found in Jerusalem near Mount Calvary in 326 search is conducted on the initiative of Emperor Constantine of Greece.He reasoned that the legendary shrine to be found precisely in the place where Jesus was crucified, because in those days, crosses were buried at the site (or close to) the execution.

But September 27 mark another no less memorable event, inseparably linked to the previous one - the Holy Cross was returned from the Persian Empire, where he was at the time abducted.In VII century the Emperor Heraclius recovered the Greek shrine in the

land of Jerusalem.

processions: how the religious festival September 27

Exaltation say very curvy.On this day in all major cities of Russia, make a solemn processions with ancient icons, crosses and church relics.The main church of the town priest holds the lectern crucifix lying there another 7 days.At this time, people pray and pass the sacrament.If today on the calendar marked the holy day, work on that day can not be, and this also applies to household work (cleaning, laundry, etc.), so all the things you need to complete in advance.

Church celebration September 27 - one of the many days of religious events.Rarely a divine festival lasts so long and celebrated so lavishly.It all starts on the eve - Orthodox preparing for the main celebrations in the churches conducted services, people adjusted to the post, as the holiday is required to comply with a strict diet (do not eat meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, sweets, etc.).

From September 28 to October 4 passes post-holiday week.During this time, they are worship, believers pray and are applied to the cross on the lectern.According accept all who wish a happy and successful life, observe a strict fast - could only have porridge without butter and honey, to drink water and some herbal teas.On the last day, October 4, passes the leave-taking ceremony, the priest returns to the altar crucifix.

Exaltation is dvunadesyatnym Christian event that is associated with the history of the life of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin.They are divided into the manor and the Theotokos.Exaltation refers to the manor holiday dates.According to accept new crosses on churches and temples can not be installed not September 27, otherwise no sin can not be released in such a place.

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