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Rain or freezing: what will fall in 2015

little more than summer: warm September

According to the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia early autumn promises to be quite warm and virtually rain.Thus, the average monthly temperature in 2015 will exceed the norm in most of the Urals and the Primorye and in the North-West region, including in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.In Chukotka and Siberia will be cooler, as well as other northern territories.Ukraine is also waiting for the weather is fairly quiet until the middle of the season, but in the Crimea will be cooler than in past years.

As for precipitation, the western part of the North-West region in the east of the Volga is quite arid, which may affect yields.The same can be said of the southern Urals.

But not all are lucky a little longer to warm up in the sun - in the western part of the Southern Federal District are expected heavy rainfall lasting throughout September 2015.Therefore, there will be a fashion rainwear and rubber boots.

Seasons shifted: what will be the Fall 2015?

forecasters Scientists have long noticed what happens appreciable shift of seasons - spring comes later than usual, "moves" summer, which lasts until the end of September, etc.So, autumn in Moscow and throughout the country will come a little later than expected.However, due to global climate change in the world to replace the warm September will cool dramatically in October, which immediately flow into the cold winter, but what will the fall 2015 exactly is impossible to say.

particularly well these weather changes will be visible in the northern regions of Ukraine, the Russian capital, and on the southern coast of Crimea.They expect a large amount of precipitation, cold snap, snow increase above the average norm.

should take into account that the forecast accuracy is approximately 70%, as recently variability of weather amazes even the most experienced meteorologists can rely on abnormal "surprises" in the form of autumn frosts or heavy rains.But the ability to see exactly what will be the autumn of this year, and whether it will become colder, we all will soon be presented.

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