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Antibiotics triple spectrum

What are antibiotics?

so called substances that produce microorganisms to destroy other microorganisms.But antibiotics are often confused with antimicrobial, antibacterial drugs.Last - the handiwork of man, that is not taken from nature and synthesized in the laboratory.These include, for example, open before penicillin sulfonamide (streptocid, Bisho) and nitrofurans, and fluoroquinolones.They act, it seems, and most importantly, the consequences of their admission to the human body are the same as that of antibiotics.That is why they are often confused.However, there is a general notion of antibacterial drugs, which fall under and antibiotics.

Why give antibiotics for SARS?

In principle, nothing antibiotics harmful to the bacteria, but not viruses.The majority of acute respiratory viral nature, they are treated with antiviral drugs and immunoglobulins.But even the common cold due to lower immunity can give a complication of bacterial infections, it is usually a sign - a temperature which does no

t shed more than five days or the first down, and then abruptly jumps.Only in this case, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.But "prophylactic" antibiotic intake during the SARS does not protect against bacterial complications, but on the contrary, it helps.It inhibits the growth of antibiotic-sensitive to his "normal" bacteria and thereby clears the way bacteria pathogens that cause infection.

What diseases do not require antibiotic treatment?

addition to SARS viruses cause many diseases: influenza, measles, rubella, chickenpox, mumps, hepatitis A, B, C, and infectious mononucleosis.In the absence of complications they are not treated with antibiotics.Not acting antibiotics for mushrooms, worms and giardia.Some diseases - diphtheria, botulism, tetanus - are not caused by bacteria, and toxins produced by microbes.So treat them antitoxic sera.

allergy antibiotic

Antibiotics - potential allergens, but, fortunately, the shock reactions occur less frequently.By the way, if the drug is prescribed "at" an allergy is not likely to occur, as many bacterial infections reduces the body's allergic readiness.But if the wrong antibiotic is prescribed, the risk of developing allergies above, do not take antihistamines;allergies arose about an urgent need to inform the doctor, he will cancel the drug and replacing it with another.About previously observed reaction, too, is to inform the doctor that he has not appointed a drug known to be wrong.

Why antibiotic should be drunk to the end?

If an antibiotic is chosen correctly, it make things better for a day or two.But if you interrupt the course, the rest of the body the bacteria have developed resistance to the drug, a relapse occurs, that will cure is more difficult.In acute conditions, usually antibiotic yield for two to three days after the temperature drop.But not always: sore throat, for example, treated at least ten days.

Why can not alone give the child an antibiotic?

Q antibacterial drugs - several hundred species.And they all operate in different ways and for different bacteria.Some people - "experts" narrow, the other - a wide profile.Incorrectly prescribed medications to be ineffective (and sometimes the delay is death, when it comes to infection).Even a dose of the drug must be chosen not by the annotations on the box, and individually, depending on the child's age, weight, primary and associated diseases, and so on. N.

Why can not independently apply an antibiotic that already once helped?

crumbs of six months, children two to five years and requires different treatment, even if they suffer from the same.The second time, the medication may not work well.And the doctor, not knowing what and how much to give your child the parents separate, making it difficult with the choice of an effective drug.

What form of medication to children is more convenient?

Easier dosing of soluble tablets, syrups, suspensions, and powders, drops.Injections - in extreme cases.

Which antibiotics are contraindicated for children?

fluoroquinolones can cause growth disorders;aminoglycosides - give complications on the ears and kidneys.Tetracycline stain the enamel of teeth growing, so it is not prescribed for children under the age of eight lay down.Some doctors believe that children should not prescribe antibiotics fourth generation, which is enough to make every day: they too are straining the body.However, among doctors there are opposing views.

it always antibiotics cause goiter?

Antibiotics kill the pathogen, and at the same time suppress the normal flora of the body.But not all and not always.Many common antibiotics do not cause disruption of the intestinal flora.Dysbacteriosis more likely to occur if the course of a long and antibiotics - broad spectrum.If the recovery of the intestinal flora lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are used, the rate should be at least two weeks.

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