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The mechanism of action of the drug Dysport

Without this ability to muscles immobilized.

nervous contraction occurs when the center of the brain receives nerve impulses to the appropriate muscles.This principle is based on the activity of the motor apparatus, and respiratory muscles.Therefore it is very important impulses in the muscles responsible for breathing movements.That is why the botulism so high a risk of death, without timely medical care provided.

Such properties botuloksina long been interested in doctors, because it can be used to control any disease which is associated with excessive activity of certain parts of the musculoskeletal system.At the end of the 80s was first used inactivated and purified botulinum toxin for therapeutic purposes and was used to treat muscle spasms of the century, strabismus, certain areas of the face and other disorders of the neuromuscular system.A few years later, and in cosmetic medicine began to use botuloksin.

In modern cosmetology centers to reduce mimic the activity of Dysport are used.

mechanism of action of Dysport.Dysport has not spread to other areas, it has a local effect of the injection.Thanks to this drug may be administered exactly at the "target".As a result of the facial muscles relax and allow the narrowed eyes, furrowed his brow, frown and so on. D.

This makes it possible to avoid the appearance of new wrinkles and deepening of old, though perhaps somewhat limits emotion when dealing with people.

The most common drug used to disport upper facial muscles.This makes it possible to get rid of wrinkles in the nose, on the forehead, from the "crow's feet" around the eyes.It is in these areas of the face skin is very delicate, so anesthetized before starting the procedure.The injections are carried out a special fine needle.After the procedure is applied for a few minutes the ice.At first, after the injection can not do facial massage, and even press on the area where the drug was administered, because then it can affect other muscles completely.If this happens, a person can acquire unnatural and asymmetrical look.Although these shortcomings can be easily corrected specific antidote, but it does not make sense to bring yourself more suffering and material waste.Fifteen weeks after the procedure to avoid saunas, hot tubs, do not drink alcohol and do not have excessive exercise.

rejuvenating treatments noticeable results within 3-4 days and intensified gradually over 2-3 weeks.The effect of Dysport lasts for about 8-10 months.After this period, the contractile activity of the muscle is restored, since the formation of new neuromuscular connections.After that you need to repeat the procedure, if you want to prolong the effect.

Contraindications Dysport injections:

- muscle weakness;

- bleeding disorders;

- pregnancy;

- the use of antibiotics;

- hypersensitivity to the drug.