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Complex drug for the treatment of respiratory infections IRS 19

How difficult to choose the right medication that could simultaneously perform two functions - treats respiratory diseases, and, if necessary, to carry out prevention.

I would like to advise you exactly IRS 19, because she is often sick with respiratory diseases and for a long time could not find a "the thing."Arriving once to terapervtu, I have written this preparation.Now, I almost did not see a doctor becauseIf I do not feel very well and is expected to soon get sick, you start to apply the 19 IRS to bolster your immune system and prevent disease.

task complex preparation for the treatment of respiratory infections IRS 19 - enhance immunity.When spraying an aerosol of the drug, coating the nasal mucosa.This factor contributes to the rapid development of the local immunniteta.


-profilaktika some chronic diseases;

-Treatment of acute and chronic diseases (laryngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, broinhit, tracheitis, etc.);

-Recovers immunity in the postoperative period.

advantage of IRS 19 is that it can be administered to both adults and children three months.


-Increased sensitivity or complete neperinosimost drug;

-preparat contraindicated patsientam with autoimmune diseases.

Use during pregnancy:

use of the drug during pregnancy is not recommended, sinceThere is insufficient data on the possibility of toxic effects on the fetus.

Dosage and administration:

-in order to prevent one dose in each nostril for two weeks;

-for the treatment of acute respiratory zvbolevany one dose of the drug twice a day for children from three months;children older than three years and adults at a single dose of two to five times a day;

-for immune reconstitution, one dose twice a day for two weeks;

-to postoperative one dose twice a day for two weeks.

should answer that at first use of the drug can such reactions as sneezing and increased nasal discharge.If such reactions will be continuous, it is necessary to apply the medication.

Side effects of the drug:

-kozhnye reaction.In some cases the urticaria and angioedema, as well as skin and eritemopodobnye ekzemopodobnye reaction;

-In rare cases, prolonged bouts of cough and asthma;

-Increase temperature;

-toshnota, vomiting;

-laringit bronchitis.

When these symptoms should see a doctor.


Cases overdose unknown.


case of a negative interaction is unknown.

precautions for use:

-berech from overheating and from sunlight;

-not pierce the balloon;

-not incinerate.

release form:

nazolny Spray, 20 ml bottle of colorless transparent glass, coated with a layer of plastic, complete with a nozzle made of polyethylene in white.

storage conditions:

in the upright position at a temperature no higher than 25 degrees.

Shelf life: three years.

Brand: Suresnes, France

IRS 19 is composed of:

bacterial lysates


Merthiolate Sodium

flavor based nerol

Purified Water

As you can see, the drug is telling.It is not a certain antibiotic that kills the virus and a drug that is able to fight the disease at the expense of its active nutrients.

Use complex drug for the treatment of respiratory infections IRS 19 and not be ill!