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Estrogenic drug djufaston

Currently, physicians synthesized several analogues duphaston, but their reception by women brings a lot of unpleasant side effects.Since these common equivalents duphaston made on the basis of male sex hormones, women taking them may affect both the appearance and the work of the whole organism.The most common side effects are the appearance of women's so-called secondary sexual characters, both men - the appearance of hair on the most unexpected parts of the body (on the face, for example), the appearance of acne and voice changes, his roughness.Djufaston, in contrast to previously developed drugs have been developed as close as possible to the structure of female hormones and therefore almost no effect on the health of women, nor on its appearance.But once the drug doctors consider a more successful version of a naturally occurring progesterone treatment, due to certain components of the additives in medicines.

What djufaston taking the drug and that is the reason for his appointment as a doctor?Dup

haston is appointed by a qualified physician for diseases that are associated with a lack of the hormone progesterone in a woman's body.Treatment can be performed during pregnancy, since the drug is absolutely safe for the body of the pregnant and her unborn child.Examples of such diseases can be female infertility that is associated with dysfunction of the corpus luteum egg pathological activity of muscles of the uterus, menstrual disorders and endometriosis.Also djufaston often prescribed following treatment with drugs that contain estrogen, for the prevention of malignant and benign tumors, which may start due to increased uterine lining.

Djufaston assigned after all the necessary tests, for its application, of course, have contraindications.These are diseases of the liver, allergies to components of the preparation.With great care the drug is indicated for diseases related to the heart and kidneys, epilepsy.In the case of women having such diseases treatment is carried out under constant medical supervision and self-control.During pregnancy, the drug actually does not have side effects, but in the period of breast-feeding women may lack the milk, because of the influence of the drug on the fragile female hormones.Other side effects from estrogen treatment duphaston no slight uterine bleeding, which can occur during the reception, are considered non-hazardous and doctors also require monitoring by physicians.When

course of treatment does not reduce the reaction of the nervous system, so it is safe to drive and perform work requiring fine motor skills of the limbs.Duphaston can be combined with the adoption of other drugs.A few drugs are not recommended to be administered in combination with djufaston is medicaments which comprise phenobarbital, since it reduces the effect duphaston and reduces to zero treatment.

way to apply and the frequency is determined by a doctor, the medication is done orally.It turns out the drug from the body for three days through the genitourinary system, without causing any other effect.

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