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Puffy eyes in an infant

The reasons that a baby can swell eyes

Quite often the eyes of a little child may swell due to the bite of any insect.Especially if glazik swells when the season midges and mosquitoes.It is not necessary to wait until the swelling will pass on their own.Swelling of the eyes due to an insect bite is not just an annoyance, but an allergic reaction to an insect bite.As is known, any allergic reaction, especially in an infant is quite dangerous and fraught with consequences.An allergic reaction to insect bites - it is the most common allergy that occurs in children.To avoid trouble, be sure to consult your doctor who will determine the cause of puffy eyes and give necessary recommendations.Call a doctor urgently need, if the trouble is accompanied by fever.

addition swollen eyes of a newborn baby can be a symptom of the inflammatory process in the body.This can be a disease such as conjunctivitis.When this infection may increase the baby body temperature, and can be released from the eye pus.Puffy eyes

in a young child may also be due to kidney disease.The child may need to show an ophthalmologist, especially when eyes are swollen quite often.

Inflammation nasolacrimal duct can also be the cause of the baby swollen eyelids.Thus the doctor prescribes eye drops with antibiotics which need to dig to the child for a few days.Swelling glazik infant can and due to begin barley.Barley may occur due to weakened immunity kid for colds, diseases of the digestive organs, chronic diseases.Do not wait until the barley is to be held on their own - seek medical advice.A doctor appointed in this case disinfectants and ointments.

ptosis is a disease in which the muscle lifting the upper eyelid is not fully developed.At the same time, this condition can affect the eyes, swollen eyelids making.Help your doctor in this disease the child is necessary, as swollen eyes bring the baby discomfort.

Puffy eyes in a young child may be crying, and after a long long sleep.This disease in this case should soon pass by itself.Speed ​​up the process of removing eye edema can be using lotions with cool water, lotions with tea leaves.

Eyes of a baby can be swollen due to postpartum outflow.This is due to the pressure during the advance of the birth canal.Within 2-7 days swelling of eyelids own passes.Sometimes the swelling of the eye may occur in infections in this case will be visible mucous discharge from the eyes or pus.

eye Swelling of breast baby may be due to this disease as cardiac decompensation in chronic or acute form, in violation of the production of hormones, lymphatic and venous insufficiency, in violation of the functions of the liver.Puffy eyes can also be a baby teething, with elevated intraocular pressure.

In any case, to identify the cause of puffy eye in a young child, it is imperative advice and need mandatory inspection baby specialist.It causes puffy eyes can be different, sometimes not very comforting.Doctor will prescribe the necessary tests and determine the right treatment for your child.As if you did not advise, it is not recommended to self-medicate.