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Thrush treatment of thrush

What is thrush?

thrush - a fungal infection of the genital mucosa caused by fungi genus Candida.Contrary to popular belief, it is believed that the yeast is not transmitted through sexual contact.Yeast fungi of the genus Candida are representatives of the normal microflora of the skin and mucous membranes of man, and to the development of disease symptoms leads them excessive multiplication.

contribute to disruption of microflora balance the various factors which a person faces in everyday life: aggressive environment, poor nutrition, excessive passion for sunbathing.Many of the condition of the body leads to a weakening of immunity, which may also contribute to the appearance of thrush.It is about common diseases requiring antibiotics, diabetes, pregnancy, and hormonal changes the body as a result of the adoption of contraception.

drug fljukostat - assistant in the fight against candidiasis.

Flucostat is an antifungal drug that has been used successfully in the treatment of fungal infections of t

he skin and mucous membranes.The mechanism of action fljukostat associated with exposure to the fungal cell wall, which leads to the cessation of its propagation and reduce vitality.In the hospital fljukostat successfully used for the treatment of Candida sepsis.

The drug is effective prophylactically with antibiotics, radiotherapy and conditions of impaired immunity (that contribute to abnormal growth of fungi in the body).

particularly important to note the effectiveness of the treatment fljukostat persistent forms of fungal infections of the body, such as a fungal infection of the feet and nail plates.

Application fljukostat.

drug is used after confirmation of the diagnosis of fungal infections.Sometimes, in the case of overt clinical candidiasis and the presence of strong painful symptoms, fljukostat begin to take, without waiting for laboratory results.This is possible due to the limited number of contraindications and side effects.

drug treatment is carried out until the confirmation of recovery special analysis.Patients important to remember that the disappearance of symptoms does not mean normalization of the number of fungi in the body.In premature discontinuation fljukostat symptoms may return.

fljukostat Application should be carried out under the supervision of a physician periodically necessary to monitor the biochemical parameters of the body.Also, the doctor must find and eliminate the cause of candidiasis.

Possible side effects arising from the application fljukostat.

Side effects under recommended doses are rare.They include dyspepsia (bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, abnormal liver function).Sometimes headache and dizziness.

Prolonged uncontrolled use fljukostat can be observed violations of blood cell composition (reduction in the number of white blood cells and platelets).

Allergic reactions occur when taking fljukostat appearance of skin rash.It is extremely rare anaphylactic reactions that lead to life-threatening.

fljukostat overdose leads to serious violations on the part of the central nervous system (hallucinations).

Application fljukostat in combination with other drugs.

fljukostat When using simultaneously with other medications should consult with their physician as to their compatibility.

What are the contraindications to the use fljukostat?

drug should not be used during pregnancy and breast-fed child, violation of the liver and kidneys, alcoholism, with manifestations of hypersensitivity to the drug, as well as children under the age of 16 years.

Remember that any medication (including fljukostat) should be used strictly in accordance with the indications prescribed by a doctor.

Flucostat - is the choice of the majority of Russian women.The drug is made taking into account all the European standards.Remember that it is better not to hope for the best and do not think that the discomfort will pass by itself.It is better to start acting immediately.And Flucostat to combat thrush help you with this.

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