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How many dangerous analginum?

Analgin does not cure the disease, it only relieves pain.And not completely, but only for a while.And then the pain returned.And again we are drawn for the magic pill.And so it can continue indefinitely.Do not get carried away.Analgin can be taken only in limited quantities.

Actually, in many countries analginum prohibited.This is America, England, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands.Moreover, the ban put back in the seventies.Another 34 states restrict the sale of this seemingly innocuous drug.After all, it has serious side effects.

If you frequently use this drug, the immune system will drop, the body weakens.The negative influence on the work analginum marrow inhibits its ability to produce white blood cells - red blood cells.With prolonged use may develop leukopenia or thrombocytopenia.This blood disorder in which there is a shortage of white blood cells or platelets.Also, after prolonged use adversely affects the liver and the stomach.If you take this medicine in large quantities, then death can occur

Generally no medicine which would not have adverse effects.Any painkiller affects the nervous system.Some drugs generally contain drugs.The pain they quench, acting on the brain.But they fulfill their purpose - to eliminate the pain.

human body - self-regulating system.He alone produces substances - opiates, which can reduce the pain.However, regular use of dipyrone, or some other analgesic, addictive, and the body ceases to deal with their own pain.

possible to renounce the use of dipyrone, replacing it with traditional methods.But it is much easier to get a magic pill that works perfectly.Of course, one tablet per month will not bring harm, but in this case, be careful.At the slightest manifestation of side effects, contact your doctor.

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