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The modern approach to the interpretation of dreams

About a third of our lives we spend in a dream.Some dreams make us a truly impressive and are remembered for a long time, but others are forgotten by the morning.The waiting period for many expectant mothers crumbs emphasize their dreams, and dreams themselves vary considerably, often unusual.And it is quite natural, because the pregnancy - one of the most important periods in the life of every woman.This time, causes a lot of new and unexpected emotions, fantasies, memories ... So, what can dream during pregnancy and whether it makes sense to give this particular matter?Usually, stories of dreams originate from a variety of sources: from their own experience of women to pre-natal banal repetition of the events of the past day.Let's discuss what most pregnant women dream about and answer the questions that arise in the future in connection with the mothers dreamed them extraordinary, fantastic, exciting, or humdrum stories.

first call

When I did not even know she was pregnant, I dreamed of the fis

h.I knew what a dream the dream.Why is it a fish?

Indeed, even our grandmothers and great-grandmother said that if a woman dreams of a fish - a pregnancy.Wisdom of the ages now has scientific evidence.The body transmits the ensuing pregnancy in the brain even before there was a missed period.Based on this information, the brain gives a command to transfer all of the organism during the optimal maternity mode.During this period, in dreams can appear certain characters, reflecting on an unconscious level, the restructuring of the female body.These symbols can be fish, kittens, small animals or just little kids.

Does this mean that if someone dreamed of fish, the pregnancy is obvious?Of course not.It should be noted that not only fish dream pregnancy, the symbol can have many other values.Just at the moment when the woman relevant information about pregnancy, it seems to be from itself gets this information in the form that can be easily understood, as already heard about its meaning from the mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends.In addition, the image of the fish, too, there was no accident: it is one of the archetypal symbol of life, with which the origin of the pregnancy begins.

the queen gave birth to the night ...

I dreamed of a little girl of three years.She wore a beautiful lace dress, with a bow in her hair.In the dream, I realized it was my future daughter.A few days later I dreamed of a friend who said to me in a dream, I have a boy.On US floor is not visible yet.What kind of dream can be considered more correct?

most popular question that I get asked a woman in early pregnancy: "Can we dream to see the sex of the child?" The answer is very simple: to see, you can, in fact, as we already know, the mother has information about what hormones (male or female) is dominated by the child, as they have a common circulatory system. But you can not see. Statistics show that a variety of guessing about who will be born - a boy or a girl, are just fortune telling.

most often womendreaming child desired or unconsciously preferred sex. Even if she is not fully aware of this report and said that she did not care who would be born, the dream usually reflects an unconscious attitude of the mother. Studies have shown that dreams likemore often it is the content of those women who, consciously or unconsciously attached to the floor of the future baby's important. That is, these dreams are a reflection of the significance of the topic, not the real sex of the child.

Does all this mean that a woman would be worse to treat the baby, "non-preferred" sex? Of course not! Such dreams reflect merely unconscious fantasies of the future mother, and not with the real crumbs. Later my mother equally strong love their sons and daughters. By the way, oddly enough, but the future Pope in his dreams more often mothers "get into the bull's-eye," and correctly dream about the sex of their unborn child.

dreamed the same!

I had a dream that I was very scared.I saw a child, but when I approached him, he was like a doll.I tried to wake him up and began to shake.Is my baby is something wrong?

During pregnancy, women often have dreams in which they are anxious for the child, worried about his health, afraid to hurt him or just feel anxiety.Such dreams reflect the anxiety of the future mother and her desire to protect the child.Increased anxiety associated with the pregnancy by the state: at this time, especially in the first trimester, a woman is experiencing increased concern for their condition and the condition of the crumbs in the tummy.You do not need to attach great importance to these dreams.Talk with friends recently in the former position, and you will know that during pregnancy such dreams - not uncommon, but they do not interfere with successfully carry and give birth the baby.


I often dream that I was being chased by someone, heart was pounding, and I'm running very hard for me to breathe.What does all this mean?

plot modern approach to the interpretation of dreams is often based on the reflection of the state of the body.During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester because of the growth of the child's mother's breath can be a difficult, sometimes increasing the heart rate.During sleep, the body signals the brain continue to come and appear before us in the form of anxiety dreams: the feeling of pressure, weight, heart rate, etc.It happens that in dreams appear subjects related to the feeling of pulling in the abdomen, for example, the dream of the month.Happy enough weak signals from the growing uterus is below the threshold of our perception, but at night, in a dream, they are punched in such a form.


I dreamed that I come to the banquet and begin to apply the food on the plate.I put more and more food, and I can not stop - so feel hungry.Then I can not find a place to sit down and eat, and the food on the plate so much and smells that I'm dying of hunger.

During pregnancy, aggravated all the senses.Future moms often say a special sensitivity to odors, prefer certain tastes in general are experiencing increased sensitivity to bodily sensations.

Such manifestations - a consequence of the restructuring of the body, all the operation of which in this period aimed at creating the best conditions for the child.For example, the expectant mother should be especially careful to choose foods to ensure their crumbs all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, and this helps her aggravation of smell and taste.

In addition, many women report a higher sense of hunger, especially in the second half of pregnancy, which can not affect the content of the dream.If you dream we feel hungry, we dream varied food.And if there is any "forbidden" foods from which the expectant mother for some reason forced to abandon during pregnancy - that they really something begin to dream all the time. In these dreams is as if the symbolic needs of mothers.

This familiar stranger

I do not dream about my unborn child. In general, in my dreams, I do not see myself pregnant. Tell me, is it ok?

Ironically, future baby and the very state of pregnancy is rarely dream womenposition. Such dreams are more common for mothers who already have children. Apparently, this is due to the fact that the emergence of maternal experience makes it easier to create in the imagination the image of the unborn child. By the way, quite often the kids dream of some kind of substitute images: kittens, puppies and other small animals.

Experience also affects the state of the modern approach to the interpretation of dreams about childbirth: nulliparous women rarely dream about birth, and their thoughts about the upcoming event, often transformed into the story that they are holding the babyon the hands or newborn baby breast feeding.

If you do not dream

I've always dreamed of bright colorful dreams, and for several weeks I did not see any sleep.Recently, I did not sleep.Maybe this is due to pregnancy (38 weeks)?

Of course, you still dream dreams.Just now they are not remembered.Why is this happening?The first reason that people do not remember dreams - is the accumulated fatigue during the day.The stronger the man's mouth, the less dreams he remembers.Not surprisingly, these pregnancy you are more tired than usual.The second reason - a change in the ratio of phases of sleep in the expectant mother.In the third trimester, women sleep more responsive, superficial and intermittent sleep.Sleep and wakefulness mothers should be combined with the regime of the baby, and the woman's body before birth is preparing for this.Pregnant as it is adjusted to ensure that responsive to signals from the child, even during sleep.During this period, the phase of dreaming short and dreams may be fragmentary, incoherent, and therefore can not be stored.

In any case, whatever dream, remember that now for you and your baby the most important thing my mother's peace of mind and good mood.Do not forget that very often dreams - it's just a reflection of our daily thoughts, and try to think more often about what gives you pleasure.Enjoy your dreams!