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Erotic dreams woman

And next snuffle unsuspecting spouse.You suddenly feel ashamed in front of him that you are "immoral woman".But do not blame yourself all the deadly sins at once, you are not a depraved woman, you just had a wet dream.Erotic dreams woman brings her moral satisfaction from what he saw.

Why come erotic dreams?And what do they mean?

First of all, it is not necessary immediately shame itself, erotic dreams - this is quite normal.10% of all dreams are of erotic nature - hidden or frank.The appearance of such dreams in your dreams, it may be due to different factors.For example, in the blood may simply increase the level of hormones - on certain days of the cycle or during pregnancy - the desire to receive access to this form.

Another reason may be of psychological nature, with the help of erotic dreams, you implement as a woman.Your life does not becomes dull and uncomfortable, it added bright colors of sleep.

should not interpret such dreams directly, seeing as the guide to action.Do not think if you we

re in bed with his hated boss, that you secretly begin to fall in love with him.Do not jump to conclusions.

The proximity to the star. When you want to reach a certain height, you can dream about Gere.This seducer of women's hearts, will win your heart and in your sleep.Sex with such a man may seem a fairy tale, but do not put those emotions into reality.

love with a stranger. In real life, you do not have enough vivid sense of life, you're chasing after the impressions and the unknown.After this dream to wonder what you can and want to change in your life.

sex with a casual acquaintance. In reality you do not know about it, and in the dream you are lovers.But it is not in the secret connection between you.And the fact that you're awake you want to be in something like him.In the dream, you take possession of his body and soul, as if compensating for a real relationship.

Lesbian scene. Do not jump to conclusions.You have a normal orientation.When the dreams that you make love to a woman, it means a lack of warmth and affection.

Do not tell your blagovernomu about his dreams, even in comic form.He can not understand you and think what it means is not enough good in bed.And it will be a very long time to sulk at you because of this ridiculous scene in a dream.

better to think about your sleep, why you dreamed this or that scene.What can it mean?Answers to your questions, you can find the thread leading from dreams to reality, catching the end of the thread can unravel the whole ball.

If you remember some of the highlights of his dream that you are very aroused.Ask your spouse to try it in reality, I think he really liked.Only the council again, do not say you've done it in his sleep with Richard Gere.

And do not be afraid of your erotic dreams, they offer only moral satisfaction to the woman.With them you can open yourself to the unknown depths of the soul.The new look at the world around you, to your beloved husband.After these dreams, your soul sings and wants to get out and happy woman - a pledge of all the best beginnings.

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