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Are there any prophetic dreams really

theories about where are the prophetic dreams.
Conventionally, can be divided into two groups.The first would include the idea of ​​somewhat mystical.Such are contradicted by official science.But, nevertheless, they have a lot of supporters.
Thus, the first group.

most controversial in the prosaic realities of today's world.It says that when we sleep, the soul travels to other worlds, spaces and there finds answers to questions about the future brings news.Indeed, since ancient times, people believed that during sleep the soul leaves the body and goes into unknown places and spaces.Now spread the idea that the body and soul can be separated, not only during sleep, but also with the wake, for example, during meditation.

second theory, just today challenged staunch skeptics.This is the idea that the necessary information during sleep man brings some otherworldly forces.Call them differently, guardian angels, spirits ... They give answers to the acute questions for the person and warn about upcoming good
and bad events.

second group of theories are those that are more or less recognized by scientists, not only by professional psychologists and physicians who have the psychology of a very remote relation.

Distributed idea that all around us there is some information and energy field.And in this field, the space contains information about everything that was what was happening and about to happen.And we, as part of the space associated with it.Accordingly, a prophetic dream - nothing else to do in our consciousness information of this energy field.But then the question is why is not always our dreams are prophetic, why we do not know everything that's going on with our loved ones, and what should happen?The fact is that in order to obtain information must be maintained certain conditions, the most important of which - our willingness to accept it.Our minds must be open and not "drugged": alcohol, nicotine, drugs, stress, anxiety, etc.

But the most common theory is that the brain does not need dreams to rest (after all, we understand that his work continues during sleep), but in order to learn, rework, "realize" all the information that is obtainedand accumulated ... So scientists explain the existence of prophetic dreams.For example, if you think over a problem and can not come to a decision, that during sleep your brain will not stop to solve it.But I will do it differently.He focused only on this issue, osteitis all superfluous and come to a logical conclusion.No wonder many discoveries and inventions were made "in a dream."In this case, the dream - a way to concentrate and ignore the unnecessary facts.Doctors also agree that with the help of dreams, you can learn about specific disease long before the first signs of their manifestations.There were times when the future the patient some time before the incident (for example, the detection of serious liver problems), talked about his dreams, where he was attacked and he was getting stabbed in the liver.But scientists do not give such a mystical interpretation of the facts and a scientific explanation.For example, if the body is ill, the injured cells has already started and the mechanism of the disease, but its consequences are not so destructive that a person can feel the results of the destructive action.Nevertheless, there is already a signal that receives the human brain is a problem with the body during sleep and it passes this information.But the problem is that he conveys it not literally and encrypted, in the form of symbols and metaphors: a knife to the liver, hit on the head with a heavy object, snake bites in the neck and so forth.

Another theory, which is associated withabove two said that as such there is no prophetic dreams.For example, it is not known in advance and is not predetermined, that a particular person should be injured by falling from a ladder.But close dreams that happens to him something bad.And after some time, the first really falls down the stairs.But the dream was not the omen, and only a signal of the psyche.Those who fell down the stairs, recently undergoing a lot of work, became distracted, doing everything in a hurry.A person close to him noticed a change in behavior and very worried for him.During sleep, he continues to "think" on the ground and suggests that if it goes on like this, the way his man can certainly get into trouble.Ieon the face of the coincidence.But there is one more thing.If we accept this as true when the idea that a person's thoughts are material (and there is the most energy-information field), then the second person their concerns only further escalate the situation, constantly warning about possible dangers first.Which is not long in coming.

So, it turns out that there are two groups of so-called "prophetic dreams".The first are those dreams that do not require a "decryption".They see the events (good or bad) that need to happen in the future.A striking example, dreams of passengers to the Titanic disaster.Under the influence of these dreams or just an unpleasant foreboding, some people have surrendered their tickets and survived.With respect to such situations the most difficult to answer the question whether there are prophetic dreams really, because on the face of the facts, but to recognize that people "feel" the future is not so simple ... These developments could perhaps explain the first group of theories or ideaunified energy field.
second group of dreams is encrypted character.They are not given to solve complex mathematical problems and does not see the upcoming disaster, but there are some characters that can be interpreted in any way.These dreams have long engaged psychologists.But, unfortunately, the owners of such dreams is not uncommon across the bait scammers who try to interpret what he saw, not having sufficient knowledge and skills.

Similarly argue whether there can be a prophetic dream in fact - a fact, a science in the coming years, and perhaps decades are unlikely to be solved.How many people, so many opinions, so that only you can choose whether to consider waking up to just what he saw in a dream, or brush off nightly dreams hand and blithely go to work ...

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