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Fashionable women's coats Spring 2015: current trends and models

Spring Fashion coats 2015: an overview of the most relevant models

the spring of 2015 the first place in popularity consolidated their classic coats with straight silhouette and patch or slotted pockets.Do not give way to them in relevance and trench coats with epaulets, back slit and buttons in 2 rows.Do not become fashion designers to modify and feminine silhouette, so the offer to wear the cloak very classic with a belt, emphasizing the waist.Actual spring image can be created by combining classic coat with fashionable this season, boots, stockings, shoes and boots on a high square heel.

such popular last season coats and ponchos, dresses this spring recede into the background and give their fashion items unpretentious and more practical models - a raincoat.These unpretentious raincoats freeform with wide sleeves like no other model suitable for changeable spring weather.They protect against wind and rain, and sunny weather can act as the focus of the original image.This season, designers

have perfected the raincoat and now even look, this model looks more feminine and elegant.

Women's coats spring 2015: trendy materials, colors and prints

moody spring in addition to a light coat or raincoat in the cloakroom and useful to have a couple more insulated options.This season you can safely get a cloak made of leather, suede or synthetic materials such as polyester.Well if you selected model will be fur-equipped podstezhkoy or inner layer of hollofaybera.Fashionable will cloaks tight denim and quilted fabrics.

undisputed favorite in 2015 will raincoats natural color palette.Relevant be as dark shades (black, gray, dark red, brown) and bright colors (yellow, red, green, blue, orange).Also designers have presented many cloaks bright colors: white, beige, light gray, and so on. D.

As for prints, the spring 2015 is still very popularwill use the model with geometric and floral prints.Cage and peas are also among this year's spring trends.Available in fashion collections and women's coats with animal prints, for example, mimic the color snakeskin or leopard.