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Trendy tunics Spring-Summer 2015: the latest trends and models

Women tunics Spring-Summer 2015:

fashionable styles in their collections for spring-summer 2015 fashion not without a convenient and practical, tunics.Major trends are typical for this article of clothing - minimalism and ethnic motifs.Simple silhouettes, fairly loose cut, natural materials were the main characteristics of most models tunics women this season.Among the favorites

certainly worth noting elongated tunic.Designers have decided to go beyond the standard length to mid-thigh, and a bit of experimenting with style.For example, in the trend will tunic with elongated backs, reminiscent of the dress.And the length of the front of the tunic may vary: to be a little above the knee, or almost the same length with the back of the dress.

way, tunic dresses will be popular in the new spring-summer season 2015.Including delicate model so beloved by fashionistas in the past year.For this style designers have chosen light translucent materials that are ideal for sewing summer tunics.And to cr

eate openwork tunics used mainly natural fabrics: linen, cotton, silk.

will enjoy continued popularity and tunic-shirt.This shaped fashion adhered classic silhouette: V-neck on the chest, flared sleeves 3/4.Most models are made of lightweight fabrics, but there are tight tunics, such as denim.

As for colors and prints, the spring-summer season 2015 "right" natural colors: blue, yellow, red, black, green, blue.Back to trend white tunic, which encourages stylists to keep in the wardrobe of every fashionista.White tunic gives any special style of lightness and femininity.Besides white tunic perfectly with different article of clothing.

among fashionable prints 2015 it should be noted ethnic motives that prevail in most collections.Also to be fashionable tunic with geometry, cell animalistic colors and floral motifs.

most fashionable tunics 2015: what to wear with a tunic in the spring-summer season

tunics main advantage is that it is able to hide figure flaws, so it is ideal for plump girls.While on slender ladies tunic looks great!In addition, the tunic can be combined with almost any article of clothing.So, short tunic looks perfect with long light skirts, tunics, dresses - with leggings and extended models - with jeans and shorts.

Yet how tunic combined with other article of clothing to look stylish and true in 2015?Stylists are assured that a win-win for all time - a combination tunic with leggings or dark light single color.It is also a good combination that will be fashionable in 2015 - tunic and skinny jeans.Just keep in mind that in this case, the tunic should be sufficiently large and long.

perfect summer version will, of course, - tunic and shorts.Especially this summer fashion shorts are different tailoring and color, which greatly expands the possible style combinations.

And finally, a tunic in the spring-summer season 2015 can be worn one.But only on condition that it is long or has a tunic-style dresses.

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