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The most fashionable sunglasses of the season spring-summer 2015

Fashion Sunglasses 2015: main trends

last season in the trend of the lens were mostly large and extra large sizes, can not be said about the trends in 2015.Relevant become medium-sized and even very narrow window.But at the same large glass remains in a trend and do not intend to take a leading position.Invariably this summer at the peak of their popularity will retromodeli, the hospital of the 60s and 80s.

As for colors, then in 2015 it is fashionable all that is specific to each girl.Glasses with mirror glass is still in the lead.However, black and smoky translucent lens will not be any less popular.Frame Colour basically repeats the glass shade.By the way, fashion sunglasses made in 2015 in a minimalist style.Occasionally there are models decorated with crystals or stones, but mainly fashion sunglasses are made with no frills.

Popular models of sunglasses spring-summer 2015

Like last year, points round shape will take a leading position among the sunglasses models.Of course, this is
not the former a la John Lennon: trending more volume and large form with a refined design.Plastic frame gives an ironic expression of the face, which is important for sunglasses in 2015.The most striking and extravagant fashionable women should definitely look at the rounded reflecting points.

Religious retrovarianty "cat's eyes" and "Dragonfly" will continue to be popular in the summer of 2015.In the upcoming season of design registration is expected to be even more interesting.Preference is given to large framed color with dark glasses.In this case, the design and layout is more important than form.The avant-garde form of sunglasses create a unique appearance, distracting attention from facial features.In this case, the image must be supported by flashy accessories, plastic bracelets, and even the original cut of clothes.

And, of course, the trend will be "aviators."It seems, this style never goes out of fashion.The perfect solution for conservative women who are not enthrall radical changes, even when it comes to accessories.Aviator sunglasses stylistically versatile, which means that they can be used more actively and more often than any other styles.At the same time the owner of the accessory can not worry, it is not exactly old-fashioned call.