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Fashionable baby: choose a dress to the prom in 4th grade

How to choose the right dress to the prom in 4th grade?

Starting a choice of attire, mother should consider the following:

  • daughter has grown out of outfits fairies and princesses, so avoid too "cartoony" dresses
  • too old and inappropriate outfits, so forget about the neckline, decollete and miniskirts

  • Do not buy yourself a dress.The girl must participate in the selection, but in this case the purchase will give you both
  • Remember convenience.Alumna should move freely.Needless to say that natural materials are preferred.The same applies to the dyes.Take only natural beautiful shades, but not acidic tone.

  • One dress is not enough.Consider the image in full: shoes, purses, jewelry.The latter, by the way, should be discreet and quality.Avoid massive, "age" jewelry.

short dress to the prom 10 years

Girls 10 years is best suited dress to the knee: they are relevant in any format of the celebration and do not hold down movements.The most fashionable styles of the season - "trapeze" with a

rather fluffy skirt and wide belt.Choose this dress silhouette with pretty puffed sleeves or "wings."

If you want to pick up a practical option prom dresses that daughter can then wear the summer, then stop for a sleeveless sundresses.They can be straight, decorated with frill bottom (in the style of the 20s.), Or consist of several rows wide flounces.

preferred colors are bright, but not too sharp: pink, blue, yellow, electrician.

Long dress to the prom in the classroom 4

If you plan a ceremony at the restaurant, you can not do without the dress on the floor.A classic silhouette is considered a "Princess", with its pretty open bodice and crinoline skirt on.Perform such final orders of heavy silk, satin, organza and tulle.The skirt need not necessarily be smooth.Today relevant draperies, flounces, ruffles, lace trim.

creating top, designers are showing a maximum of fantasy.The easiest option - to the top of the corset straps or without them, decorated with embroidery or appliqué.Many people like the American armhole (it is for the child will be more comfortable) or asymmetrical gate.

Contrasting thin waist belt emphasize.They are tied behind the lush bow and decorated with flowers (one large or several small).

most traditional color for a long dress to the prom in the 4th grade - white.Its perfectly set off the bright trim on the collar, waist or bottom of the dress.But do not reject and bright colors: deep green, fuchsia, turquoise, yellow.The main thing is that they are in harmony with the color of the skin and eyes of the child.So blondikam longer go cold translucent shades (blue, pale pink), or pure bright (red) and brunettes - a warm and vibrant colors (burgundy).

Do not forget to pick up shoes in the 4th grade graduation.They do not necessarily have to be in the color of the dress, but different from them in style.Most importantly, the shoe was comfortable, the leg is securely fixed, at the same time breathing.Not to mention the right of the orthopedic insole.

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