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Women's fashion trousers Spring-Summer 2015: the latest trends and stylish models, photos

most fashionable styles of women's pants spring summer 2015 photos

As you may have guessed, the new season of women will be able to choose between different shapes and colorings pants.Among the most relevant styles particularly noteworthy wide and short model, classic trousers, narrowed skinny pants and bananas.Let us examine each of these options in detail.

always in fashion: a review of the most relevant models of women's trousers, the

you want to always look stylish and elegant, but still do not know what pants are a trend this year?Then be sure to read our review of the most fashionable women's pants 2015.In this article you will find not only a description of the most relevant models of 2015, but also a large collection of colorful pictures of popular women's trousers.

Slacks.Flared from the hip or straight slacks - the main favorites of the spring-summer season 2015.And there is nothing surprising, because they are perfectly hide any flaws in their legs and not hot at all.In addition, wide mod

el, made of light, flowing fabrics create a bohemian and luxurious feminine image.And they are very practical and perfectly suited to you if you value comfort above all.

spring 2015 women's wide trousers can be combined with a warm jacket with a hood or a close-fitting coat.In addition, the designers decided that date will need to be a hippie and a little luxury, so offered summer wear wide pants with silk blouses and sexy bustier.

short pants.Among the trends in 2015 is worth noting and pants with 7/8 length, attracting attention to slim legs.In fashion short pants are different styles, as well as practical options with gateways.Relevant remain truncated model with both low and medium and high planting.

spring 2015 short pants fashionable to wear a leather jacket or a thin down jacket.Spectacular will mix similar model with a bright checkered jacket.

Tight pants.Skinny, pipes and "cigarettes" are popular for more than a season, but it did not prevent them to stay on the podium and in 2015.However, this spring tapered trousers have to compete for first place with straight trousers in classic costume ensembles.The main advantage of narrow models - the opportunity to highlight a tiny figure.That's why they should pay attention to low and slender girls.

spring 2015 date is a combination of tight pants and short top.Problem areas can be as correct by a combination of leggings and an elongated sweaters.

pants-bananas.At the peak of popularity remain and pants-bananas come from the '80s.In the spring-summer season 2015 will be narrowed down relevant and available at the top of the model, as well as shortened bananas, creating a unique and very stylish way.The new season will be particularly fashionable truncated model of bananas.The girls, who love to be the center of attention and the first try on the latest fashion trends, it is necessary to look at the pants-bananas from knitted fabrics with flowing sleeves.

Wear bananas in 2015 stylists advise with short tops and leather skirts, easy shirts and blouses with Basques.

Fashion trousers 2015: actual materials and colors

Among the materials selected to create a designer of women's trousers are the following fabrics: tweed, chiffon, lace, linen, cotton, wool.In the upcoming season among the favorites design notably the leather pants.Narrow and wide, matte and glossy, of black and colored leather - they continue to win not only the podium, but also the hearts of millions of women.Various models of women's leather pants were popular at shows Emilio Pucci, Louis Vuitton, David Koma, Marios Schwab, Lucas Nascimento.

most fashionable pants for obese women 2015: current models and colors

If you think that the figure flaws doom you to a dull and expressionless outfits, be sure to read our article on fashion pants for larger women.In it you will find an overview of the most relevant models of trousers for women with shapes and vivid photos.

As for fashionable colors, among the main trends continue to floral motifs, geometric patterns, the immortal cell and animalistic prints.Especially popular will enjoy and women's trousers in military style.And the current is not only camouflage pattern, but also a military style trousers.