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How do you know your bra size?

measure their parameters

Before you go to the store, remove several yardsticks.Their best record on paper to not forget.To begin to measure the girth under the breast, then chest.Most often, the first digit of the manufacturer and fixes on the bra and the second refers to the letter.

How do you know your bra size?

How to measure the girth at breast:

  • remove all clothing;
  • keep your back straight.Do not inhale or exit specifically;
  • firmly grasp the measuring tape girth of the chest;
  • make sure that the tape was fixed horizontally.

how to measure chest:

  • perform measurement at the point of serving your chest;
  • tape measure should not be too pulled or twisted;
  • not lift your hands up.

best to entrust the honorable mission measurements of your best friend.Then the results will be more accurate.

Bra size: table of domestic producers

removing the two measurements, use the table determine the size of the bra.At the same time, remember that the specified size of the laundry - it is a rough guide for you.Take a few models w

ith different styles.It is best not to make a bra and wear completely.It is important to feel comfortable.The chest must not be crushed, bones should not interfere.

Bra size: Table US

carefully look at the country of manufacture of underwear.After all, European, Russian and American bra size may vary.Today is very popular among the girls enjoyed firm Victoria's Secret.Table US sizes will help you if you decide to order lingerie on overseas website.

How to choose a bra?

should know that bra appeared in Europe as an alternative to the corset, that spoil the shape and the girls were extremely uncomfortable.Design of the details of the toilet several times changed.But the main criterion when choosing a bra remained unchanged - it should be comfortable.The move, run, sit, breathe.On the second plan departs aesthetic appeal.

How do you know your bra size?

When choosing an intimate toilet, consider the size of your breasts.Large breasts have a good hold wide straps on the shoulders.Visually enlarge small breasts can help with convenient cup and a special form of lifting bra.Pay attention to the natural fabrics, such as silk, cotton, lace.Chest needs to breathe and less contact with synthetics.For example, French scientists recommend not to wear a bra for more than 5 hours a day, to avoid the risk of people prone to cancer zabolevaniyam.Ne get involved in fashion push-up models.Indeed, in this case the chest is deformed, although can boast a beautiful neckline.

Always keep in mind that when you change the weight or body composition should be changed, and bra size, and perhaps his style.And remember that any self-respecting woman should have at least 5-6 models of bras in her wardrobe.