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Well, the owner - master.Although any "outsider" and so it is clear that Marina Alexandrova is interesting not only for its creative achievements, but also a very stormy romances.Life Marina Alexandrova full of joy and good memories.

Soon their screen romance with Alexander Domogarovym escalated into a real romance.The civil marriage, the couple lived for several years.They quarreled violently, at least out loud and then sweetly reconciled."I do not want a relationship with Sasha, - said Mariya.- We greatly loved each other, but were able to build on each other and live in peace and harmony.And I'm tired to deal with it.I tried to teach him to a healthy lifestyle, to make people forget about all the other women.But it was all a waste of time.Sasha will never change.He - a fateful man in my life, but I'm grateful to him for more.I became an adult. "

Marine credited with other high-profile romances.For example, at one time she was seen with fashionable actor Alexei Panin, Artur Smolyaninov, Alexei Cha

dov.Her boyfriend is considered one of the producers of the "Great Race" Cyril Lunkevich, doctor Eduard Demchenko, producer Ivan Demidov.But it's all in the past.In June 2009, the marina with the actor and director Ivan Stebunova marked the anniversary of marriage.It is for these same scenes unauthorized entry is strictly forbidden.Many believe you root peterburzhenka not know that you were born in the Hungarian town of Kiskunmajsa and lived there for five years.Something vivid memories of the time, because you let a child returned from Hungary, but still Europe, dreary Soviet Union?In the privacy of Marina Alexandrova has everything from love to hate.

In Hungary I was born because my father, a lieutenant colonel, he served in this country.From that time, I remember a lot.Well, when we returned recently ... I read Natalia Tolstoy interesting reflections: "As a child I wanted to be like everyone else.Living next to his grandmother in a narrow little room with lots of books.To know that the table is always dish with its delicious cakes, see the embroidered pillow on which sits a large doll. "So, in my life, it was the opposite.My grandmother used to bake cakes, but went to Theatre for a taxi.On a visit to her parents, people came "not from the queue."Our house was always the piano.Studied music and English teacher came to me.However, I sincerely do not understand why all the kids at me look askance.Therefore, when only arrived in the USSR, I, too, wanted to be "like everyone else", so that, God forbid, do not stand out.Not.

For example, in kindergarten I was a incredible amount of fashionable things: different dzhinsiki, Chinese dresses, bows.What can we say about the good toys, gum ... Went hateful doll.Of course, the guys treated to Fife matter.But as a child, and now I do not understand what this thing is this - envy.Although, when I began to look not kindly intently, I felt very uncomfortable.However, smart people, I soon their difference from others began openly used.Perhaps, therefore, it became an actress.With that and I went through life.

Yes, I soon learned what a beautiful, civilized life.On the one hand, like mischievous child of destiny.But, on the other hand, if you know how long and hard the mischievous child labor.You were wonderful girl - finished mathematical school, which eighty percent priority visionary young men.In parallel, in school music, but not all - the piano or violin - stood out here: choose a great harp.

seek a
a girl learning to play the harp.And be sure to have grown to the feet can reach the pedals.This girl I was.Your harp is preserved?

This tool is quite expensive.On it is necessary to take care of, it is necessary to continuously play.He is alive.But as I have not chosen the path of harpist and actress, I do not harp.However, the hands are good, this is already not going anywhere.But technology is not enough.I did and I can play the piano.But for ten years, as no one tool does not touch.And what about you, clever, beautiful, harpist and mathematics in incomplete 17 years Mom and Dad let go to Moscow to learn from the actress?Our family has always reigned supreme respect and understanding.Mom and Dad wanted to see me as a translator from English or Tourism management.However, the parents of their only daughter had nothing forbidden.I remember, Dad said, "Try it.But you do not succeed. "The only person who believed in my star, my grandfather was Anatoly: "Go, Marinochka, all you'll be fine."Probably, it is my faith helped me to do, and still is for life.Grandpa for me was all about: a strong-willed, purposeful, very fond of people.All these qualities are laid in my childhood.When I went from St. Petersburg, with even greater poignancy and pain realized that the way parents love me, no one in my life is no longer in love privacy Marina Alexandrova.

decision to go to the theater came at once, and I made a bet on luck.Decided: "We need to try.But if smalodushnichal not try, then after a long time I will feel sorry. "

There were the first time?

Yes.True, at first try and the Film Institute and the GOP-Tees.In Shchukin School came at the last moment.The set was already finished, but I went.Only later I learned that my place has claimed 10 people.I was only 17th birthday.You and film debuted very young, in the first year.Once frequented at film festivals, premieres, banquets and probably plenty satisfied secular tinsel.Today, visiting such events?

It's not for me.I think that you need to go to the festival in one case, if you imagine a new picture.

In life I am a man pereborchivy enough, no one will ever make me do what I do not like.Today me and did nothing to impress.If, for example, a call from Hollywood and say that there is a proposal from Spielberg, I'm not going to faint with joy, and I will say that we think.Nothing is not the impossible.And if you just sit and wait for the sea weather, you can skip all.

another matter - the festival "Cherry Orchard."This year, in its framework, we planted a cherry orchard in memory of Oleg Yankovsky.So is it possible to name parties?Although the event on the rank - secular.We were all united by one person, one goal and were insanely happy to see each other.The day was not insincere tears and smiles.Your film debut, which we just mentioned, the film "Northern Lights."But the real audience remembered and loved actress Marina Aleksandrova after work in the TV series "Azazel" where you played the bride Lisa Fandorin.

- one of the most pleasant experiences of my life.I recommend three completely different people: my teacher of acting, actor, auditioned for the role of Fandorin, and assistant director.Later I was called by Alexander Adabashyan and asked: "Have you read Akunin?" I then thought that Akunin - is some incredibly famous classic Tolstoy level.And I have not read, so blushed and admitted Adabashyanom.He just laughed.

On the set, I met and made friends with two amazing men and at least one stunning woman.One of them was the operator Paul Lebeshev unfortunately left us.Thanks to his skill, I got to shoot for Jerzy Hoffman in the Polish film "ancient tradition", which was filmed and, I hope, made friends with Daniel Olbrychski and Bogdan Stupka.And thanks to Alexander Adabashyanom I got in the French-Russian film "melting snow".By the way, its director Laurent Zhaui saw me still in the graduation performance.And Alexander Artemovich, my permission, Moscow has become my "dad."I mentioned a woman - is Marina Neelova, which today have the good fortune to go to a scene.The woman I am not tired and not get tired to admire.So you really mischievous child of destiny?Partly - yes.Still, in our profession more importantly - at the right time in the right place.I am often asked: "Marina, you have a lot of envious?" I do not know what to say.One day I asked my mother: "Why would someone someone jealous?After all, to each his own. "

mother replied, "Yes, to each his own.But do not forget, Marisha, that you have all turns out. "You really get everything.And you - one of the leading actresses of the famous "Contemporary".As far as I know, to get it into the troupe, and it was your primary dream that has come true, too.Yes, once in the interview, I said that this is the only theater on the stage I see myself.Apparently my words convey Galina Volchek.She invited for conversation.The result of the conversation was the proposal tried in "Three Comrades".Apparently, the samples were fortunate because the new proposals received.Today I have five performances.The theater provides a great deal.My life has changed completely.From now on, I can not say, "I'll go a minute today to the Seychelles."Theater - a responsibility and a lot of fun.And such a pleasure that it is far to the Seychelles.In other words, you can refuse to work in film attractive for the play?Maybe, yes.Theatre - is what gives the actor an opportunity for professional growth.A movie, on the contrary, takes away.In the movie, we give those things that at one time took the theater.For me, "Contemporary" - that school and home at the same time.A film - a kind of glossy cover.I am a long time refused many offers to act, but now realized that great of a movie missed.So very happy that now I have a lot of film projects.It seems, today I am in a totally different dimension.A dimension in which you were when in 2002 agreed to participate in the reality show "Survivor"?

I was wondering myself
check, I learn something new.Also I understand that a person's life such an event may occur only once.For me, this show was not a special test.On the contrary, one of the finest periods.All the emotions and experiences that I have received during their stay on the island, more than anything else I can not compare.We've no other way to completely disconnect from civilization, to go on a desert island with an incredible amount of living creatures, listen to the ocean, look at the sky, dotted, like a kaleidoscope, stars.Although, of course, the tests were.For example, to be with the same people 24 hours a day - it is difficult for anyone.

Do you want it or not, they all need love.And the commandment "Love your neighbor as yourself" I realized only on the island.As usual, the city life really do not understand what these words really mean.And when you have to eat from the same pot, you just have to love all.Otherwise, there will come such emotional disharmony, it is better to leave at once.There were situations when you are asked to have "gone"?And I'm just so and left the game.When the struggle for the survival of the strongest, and not physical, but moral, I felt sick.I can not do that.In this respect, I am not a fighter.It felt like a mother.Moreover, I knew that she was very close, a few kilometers from the island - in the Dominican Republic.My mother came specially for the competition relatives "Survivor-3."I so wanted out of it quickly pulled out, so pulled home!Eat really like?

Hunger was not the biggest problem.After a while the body accustomed to the extreme and expecting only the minimum amount of food per day.But as dreamed of herring, black bread on!And even before the loss of reason like chocolate, but I do not like sweets.During this time, you are very thin?Five kg.Not going home, immediately he went to France, where he began shooting the film "snow melt".

saw me
, director terribly furious.He could not work with such a skinny actress.He ordered me immediately and intensively fattened.I became an addiction to stuff French cheeses and croissants, and I quickly returned to its former shape.But you are not so likely to be overweight.For this I thank God and my parents.I allow myself to eat everything, but in moderation.I do not overeat.I am not a supporter of diet, newfangled Japanese cuisine.I, of course, eat sushi, but without fanaticism.Its native still tasty.Besides, I have no bad habits, which means normal metabolism.You

car BMW.Themselves behind the wheel?

Yes, I drive the fifth year, from what I get great pleasure.Machine - life.When I'm driving, it is not particularly think over the style of clothing.In the car, there's always sports uniforms, books, scripts, evening dresses, shoes.And outside of work, I use a little makeup, but the beautician always has thermal water, hand cream and lip gloss.My car - a motorhome.On a personal driver I never thought.Even when no carrier, I always dreamed that I was at the wheel.

How do you refer to
cute female weakness, such as shopping?

love!On outfits I can pull every penny.And without a twinge of conscience as to save money and never could hardly learn.You do not pay attention to the well-known brands, fashion brands.I buy what I like and what-to-face.I love domestic clothing designers believe that the dress from Alexander Terekhov very feminine.I am pleased to use the services of young designers who know that now overdue, and that suits me.The thing is there must be pleasant and not psychologically straining.

What music listening?

Jazz.I respect the St. Petersburg rock.I'm far from being a fan of our pop music.

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