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long time his screen characters were - all entirely thugs yes killers.Today the situation has changed.Today, his characters, if not entirely positive, then, at least, the right - commandos, rangers, Majors.At the same time, Igor considers himself ... a wholly comedian.Because he lives in a "soft and fluffy".A gay man who loves to philosophize and good-natured banter at themselves.Not so long ago, when you were the honorary title "Honored killer of the Russian Federation", often spoke in an interview about how the neighbors are afraid to go with you to the elevator.Say, go, young man, go.We will wait.And then suddenly let slip: "It is not fear."When it was signed-a tipping point?I went through several levels of recognition.It was the case: I go to the hardware store, something for the house on the little things to buy.As expected, he raised collar, pulled his cap over his eyes - not to know.A saleswoman zaoret like the whole store, "What are you, an artist Lifanov, tell, say, all of you afraid of?No yo

u are not afraid.Normally you man, even pretty. "Of course, after such a tirade all shoppers stared at me in silence.

, when the street will know why a giggle.Why - I do not understand.So I want to take someone by the collar, eyes a close look and hiss: "What am I, a clown ?!" Here, for example, would see me on the street known actor - it really would scoff at a man?Although it's better laugh than fear.

course, better.And then, I remember, in one TV program you announced that you're sorry that did not make her a serial killer Monty even more brutal.To young people, seeing such a monster, thought.I speak not only about Rocky - about his vast collection of cinematic monsters.How Stanislavsky system: "In the negative character finds the positive features and to justify his"?

That this approach with many artists played a very dirty trick in the family life of Igor Lifanova.Take the same "Brigade."Who's the guys from the band White - noble bandits, what ?!A vicious circle.I do not tire of repeating: Screening goner villain good and kind, so, as an artist you're just scum.Because for all the teenagers in their own decide if these supermen wet all in a row, so they're great, right guys.Such a negative effect occurred because the guys who starred in "team", very fond of their characters, and did not find the strength to cut off the excess.

colleague told me that his 13-year-old son and his friends decided to create the class "cool gang."And an honorary member ever (!) Actor Sergei Bezrukov take as one in the form of Sasha White - their idol.Even the photo in a frame on the wall in the classroom hung.Honestly, to me after this story was creepy.At the very fact my daughter growing up.No, it's better to let them hate me, than the same honor in Rocky Komsomol determined.Remember how many girls after "Intergirl" dreamed of becoming prostitutes!We, the actors, of course, do not think of the consequences.Sign a contract, we play, we get the money - and Adieu.But the people selflessly implements our screen exploits.After numerous galaxy of killers and thugs you started the band positive role.Directed finally able to see in you a continuous gloom and fangs, and the purity of the soul, or you are tired of the monotonous stuff?I started acting in the dashing 90-s.Then there were all of these demand and other Rocky urkagany.Thank God, now this wave has passed.But I'm an artist.Give the role - play.

Once rash
said Ukrainian, by the way, the journalists that want to play "Blue."Imagine that began?But I had something else in mind - something that I as an artist interested in any character.You need a good Major Pugachev - get.Crave positive, albeit grim gamekeeper - no question.Of course, I say this with sarcasm, but otherwise could not get.Time more.No one, not like before, "Seagull" for two years rehearsing and still groan with happiness will not.Two months - maximum.The rates are different.Today we need not live on the Stanislavski and of frenzied temporitme life.Your track record stands out the film "Letters to Elsa."Oh, and there you bastard!In a real family life Igor Lifanov such facial features had to face?

role I have there a small but symbolic.Uninteresting me a hundred episodes in a row to play a toothless man.Even if I tell you that in the episode, which is enough to meet my acting ambitions, believe me, there is no need not to be Hamlet.I have every performance his Hamlet.As for the geeks, because they after all around us at every turn.I've seen worse.But the actor necessarily sink into the material.Students of theater schools in the subway sometimes peep - who, like walking, limping.Perhaps, at the first stage it is necessary.But the actor was held - this compilation.The rest think out.I'm in such cases, a computer in the head is turned.I never fought, I never was in jail, with my own and the military, and taking prisoners.And even more so the actor does not have to kill a man to enter into the image of the killer.Igor, however, that in the early 90's you have removed the first Russian erotic, almost porno movie "Fun-4"?The director Dmitry Meskhiev there still appear.

not porn it was
- erotic!I knew where vljapalsja when the sample was held.Meshieva, by the way, did not see.There's different directors filmed their little novel.This role is not called.I went into the room, there is sleeping naked woman.I just touch her, she at the same time some horse dream.I earned $ 300 - at that time exorbitant amount bought the first in the life of a Japanese TV.I watched enjoyed.But it's you I'll talk about it calmly.And then I know how embarrassing as it was a shame!Throughout his life, he cursed.Well, as - lying with another aunt.No, it's not for me.It's disgusting.Well, whether dealing with a grenade in the trenches, or with a gun in the snow.I always thought that the actors, like you, getting on the set in the endless extreme conditions, risks or frostbitten, or anything to break itself, pah-pah ... Almost every artist on the set got it.But we are the actors.When I appeared in the film "Trap for the killer," stuntman, doing a pirouette in the air, he moved me boot.So much so that I passed out.I opened my eyes - all bent over me frightened crew.They say that on the set of "Special Forces 2" where you played a good warrior Crunch, you repeatedly dropped the stretcher ...

No, do not drop
.A scene is really funny happened.It was originally planned that the stretcher on which lies a wounded Crunch will take the two donkey.But stubborn animals did not want to work.Therefore, in the mountains I had to drag poor fellow colleagues.And if at first they were filming me pinned up: "What sort of role do you, Igor, unprepossessing - a couple of replicas of all r '- that now I looked up the full program.The camera takes their emaciated faces and the bottom I triumph: "Text me, of course, is not enough, but you drag me to myself."At this point, the most difficult children was not to laugh.

Igor, in the same interview, you admitted that a few years ago for a company with a close friend, Dmitry Nagiyev completely tied to bad habits, particularly with drinking.And, since a gram?

Well, why not?The word "tied" sounds like something categorically.We Nagievym not just friends - we are like brothers.At LGITMiK terminates with the girls priudaryali.And also on Nevsky fought together.In one of the local lads Dima fights nose broken.Well, we drank, so that whether it is healthy.In short, they were merry lifestyle.Then smarter, horses hold back.Dima is more slowed down, I - less.Everyone has their own temperament.Igor, like you at such a furious pace of filming stress shoot, how to relax?

Yes there any stress!
Here, for example, now go all night shooting.Houses will be six in the morning.I take a shower, go to bed.Hey, this is what happiness is: I'm lucky that this profession was, and I have something in it that is produced.So why do I need a vacation from her?I do not understand some colleagues nagging: "Oh, I'm tired!Oh, how I shoot these tired! "Yes, we have to act in a very tight pace, especially when multiple projects and time is running out.Once all three days without sleep working.Barely slept - and fairly.So what?It will be necessary, I am in a row and three performances, and ten played.It's great - I'm from the audience is charged.Once you tell chilling story about the exchange of their old Soviet passports for new Russian.In this connection, you still have any unresolved problems with citizenship.Help the artist could develop that President Putin.Igor decided question?Several years ago, as a law-abiding citizen, I went to St. Petersburg to change documents.An there it was.The passport

softly asked: "My Darling, and where you lived before?" Upon learning that the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev, went on the attack: "So now you are a stateless person."That is not even a homeless person - no one at all.You can not imagine how much I walked around the offices as papers signed.All to no avail.The situation was complicated by the fact that the old passport, I accidentally injured the first page, the names of the fallen and the first two letters.And where, I ask, I'm with the surname Fan?Even for damage to public property, which is the passport of a citizen of the USSR, I had to take the rap.

When finally
came a certain notoriety, had to ask for help on the first channel, which raised my question at the level of the Ministry of Justice.Red tape lasted for one and a half years.Of course, when I was a "man of peace", it was insulting.At the time my daughter was born, so it was listed on the documents Russian citizen.And her dad - a homeless person ... Igor as Nastia is now years?Fourteen.

Igor, the future is already decided?

No.And I especially in the process do not interfere.One thing I know for sure: a physicist or a botanist, she will not.Rather, he chooses some okolotvorcheskuyu profession.I did it since childhood to work with him took.This brought up so that could stand up for himself.She and I went to the gym, I taught it to various fighting techniques that she quickly mastered.Every morning - hard charging and cold shower.

This was a girl Nastya
quite amorous, every day - a new object sighs.Once she began to breathe irregularly to my colleague from the BDT.I decided to make the child comfortable and introduced them to each other.This highly respected actor I was warned in advance about the feelings of the little fans.That, as expected, he began broadcasting modulated voice: "Hello, Nastya.How are you?What do you want me to say? "And then our beauty apparently from an overabundance of feelings, so sunny smiled and clapped her eyelashes ... how sadanet hero-lover's foot!He, poor man, bent and muffled groan: "What a good girl!Do not forget your dad kowtow to pass. "Nastya - your daughter from his first marriage.Relations with the former wife Tatyana were normal?Yes, and I'm very happy.You know, at the beginning envied those who cheerfully told me in an interview, he says, I'm all a-fighter fellow, divorced, no and no regrets, and all sent.It does not happen.Any family disorders are very heavy.

former wife
also an actress.Maybe, just do not get along two bears in one den?Oh, you!I, you know, in his den is always a bear.Here's just different: no longer love.Your director Elena - your second wife.Not hard every day 24 hours a day to be together?I have it pretty good.And I'm glad to have the opportunity to put a condition: come to shoot only with his wife.Imagine a day on the set, I burn in some hut.I leave the whole smeared terrible.And at home - whether it's Belarus, Ukraine, Russia - I was immediately and will wash and rascheshut and feed.Is not life?

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