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The difference between food on the day training and a day of rest

The main difference between the power in those days, when you visit the training, the diet at a time when you do not do much physical activity, is determined primarily by the level of calorie meals.Of course, when exercising our body requires much more energy.Therefore, the menu during the training should be more nutritious.Due to what this can be achieved?

Upon cleavage in the digestive tract of the greatest amount of energy release fat molecules, so when planning a diet daily exercise, be sure to include at least a small amount of fat-containing products.However, many of the fair sex tend to completely eliminate fats from its menu, with a view to rapid weight loss.This approach is not very rational.On the one hand, indeed, fatty foods - is the enemy of slim and toned figure.However, to completely eliminate fat from the diet is not only rational, but also dangerous for your health, because without this component supply disrupted for many physiological reactions in the body.If you're still afraid to

dial extra weight when consuming foods with some fat, try to at least include them in the list of dishes for breakfast or lunch.The fact is that fats received from food in the morning, will have time to completely split in the digestive tract and are a source of energy to perform physical exercises during training.In contrast to the lunch or breakfast, the use of fats in the training day for dinner is highly undesirable.On the day after the training exercise is best to adopt a low-calorie dinner, consisting, for example, vegetable salads and low-fat milk products.

In a day of rest after workouts caloric intake should be less than a day visit to the sports section.In those days, you can much more to limit the consumption of fatty foods.The distinctive features of the diet in a day of rest after exercise should be low-calorie dishes, containing a small amount of fats and carbohydrates, but enough protein.The fact that, unlike other components of the food, proteins are broken down in the body, not only for energy production, preferably to provide a "building material" for our cells.Restoration of muscle tissue after training and a day of rest becomes simply impossible with not enough protein in the diet.The best sources of protein for human rights are actively practicing such foods like lean meats and fish, eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, cheese, beans, peas, soybeans.

Another difference between the power in the days of workouts and rest days is the increasing body's need for minerals and vitamins.These components are best to use food as a balanced multivitamin and mineral complexes that are in wide assortment presented in almost any drugstore.However, intensive and constant physical exertion in sports sections, such preparations can be used not only during training, but in the days of rest.

Since during exercise, a person is much more intensive process of sweating, the difference between the power in the days of training will also be an increasing need to replenish fluids in our body due to juices, mineral water, fruit compotes, etc.In the days of rest due to the reduction of perspiration due to less need for motor activity of the body in liquid is much less.

Thus, planning wisely set food in rest days and days of training, you can significantly improve their physical fitness and to ensure a full recovery process of muscle tissue after intensive exercise.