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Trendy Skirts 2015: what to wear trendy models

most fashionable skirt 2015: current models and styles

Thus, among the main trends of 2015 - a pencil skirt.Along with a white blouse and a little black dress pencil skirt for more than half a century remains relevant part of the female wardrobe.The reason for this popularity lies in the silhouette, which is created on the basis of this model.The narrow, tight hips skirt, gives the image of femininity and sexuality, but not provocatively vulgar, and with a thin flёrom elegant romance.

In 2015, the designers did not have specific requirements for the length of the "pencil" and combining this style with other things.Thus, the length of the skirt can vary, but stay within the range of the knee to mid-calf.Summer fashion trend of 2015 will narrow skirts in pastel colors.This color scheme further accentuates the feminine silhouette.Lilac, pink, pale blue, pale yellow, cream, mint - it's hard to imagine a more "feminine" color.

In 2015 vintage and retro strengthen its position in the world of fas

hion and will be relevant to the branded fashion skirts.Still it remains popular skirt with a high waist and a tulip silhouette.Together with tulip skirt excite women's hearts will skirt Bell - another must-have 2015. Also among the current options for the year 2015 it is worth noting leather skirt-bell.The trend model and denim skirts, bell, which is due to the density of the fabric holds its shape perfectly.

One-to-date style, comes from the recent past - culottes.Particularly impressive look cropped designers proposed cuts to the middle of the knee.Such unusual skirts combined with unexpected fabrics and textures look trivial and stylish.A striking example - pants skirts embossed leather and lacquered.Along with short style, replete with catwalk models and long skirts, pants with lots of layers and drapes.

not lost their relevance in 2015 and skirt with peplum.The trend will be: a mini skirt with a wavy Basque classic pencil skirt with Basques, as well as models with Basque side.

From what to wear trendy skirt 2015?

main question that arises for most fashionistas: "From what to wear fashionable styles of skirts in 2015?".We will try to give him as much as possible complete answer.

So pencil skirt perfectly with jackets, blouses, pullovers, sweaters thin.Many designers in their collections using a bold combination - a pencil skirt plus leather black leather jackets.

Skirts retro and vintage ("bell", "tulip", "Sun") in 2015 can be easily worn with pumps, sandals or thin stiletto boots.Stylish images based on these models are obtained in combination with a plaid shirt, wide blouses tucked inside, and shorter tops, jackets and coats.You can add spice to the image using the stamp bustier or corset without shleek.And for nature walks or evening promenade through the city, you can wear a skirt in retro style with sports shirt or tight T-shirt with thin straps.If you choose a color as a leopard prints to vintage skirt, then follow a rule of balance: in the ensemble should present only one catchy thing.Other elements of the dress must necessarily be monochromatic and as simple as possible.For example, a win-win situation - a combination of leopard print with black or beige top.In no case do not combine leopard print with a cage, flowers, stripes, peas.

Skirt with Basques is combined with strict blouses, concise shirts, jackets, American, elegant shoes, bright svitshotami.But for models culottes better choose fitted jacket shortened style, the classic white blouse or top bustier frank - it all depends on you crafted image.

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